Looking into Computer Programming as a Career

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<ul><li><p>Looking into Computer Programming as a Career </p><p>If you are interested in computer </p><p>programming, it is important that you know </p><p>what to look forward to within your career. </p><p>There are a lot of people that do not </p><p>understand how to translate their education </p><p>into a career after they have graduated. </p><p>Computer Programming Careers </p><p>When you are interested in getting your </p><p>degree in computer programming, you should </p><p>understand what career options you will </p><p>have. Computer programmers are trained to write a variety of programs for computers. </p><p>The programs that computer programmers write can rewrite, debug, maintain and even test </p><p>software programs. These programs will tell the computer what to do and when to accomplish </p><p>specific asks. </p><p>Computer programs enable the computer to act as efficiently as possible. There are many </p><p>different languages within computer programming and the type of language that you learn will </p><p>have an effect on your ability to get a job after you are out of school. </p><p>Doing research about different computer programming programs will help you understand which </p><p>schools are going to teach the best languages. Some programs will teach you a wide variety of </p><p>languages while other schools will emphasize a specific language. </p><p>Talk to the Directors </p><p>As you are considering different programs, do not be afraid to talk to program directors about job </p><p>placement options. Each program should have job placement statistics for their most recent </p><p>graduates, so you can have a good idea of the </p><p>options that will be made available to you. </p><p>Talk with some academic counselors as well, </p><p>this way you can have a better understanding of </p><p>what jobs are going to be available with each </p><p>program. Doing your research ahead of time is </p><p>a great way to ensure that you are going to be </p><p>happy with the choice that you make. </p><p>http://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-networking-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-networking-emphasis</p></li><li><p>Computer programming has a projected growth in jobs for many years. With a projected growth, </p><p>you can be sure that there are job openings that you will be able to apply for to ensure that you </p><p>have a better chance of getting a job. </p><p>Spending that much time in front of a computer can be frustrating and many people feel hesitant </p><p>about going into a career into computer programming. If you do not know if this is a good fit for </p><p>you, do not be afraid to ask if you can intern as a computer programmer. </p><p>Get an Internship </p><p>To intern, you will need to have basic knowledge of a language that is utilized within a company. </p><p>Talk with your professors and make sure that you understand what options you have within the </p><p>networks that your school has established with employers. </p><p>An internship can be a great way to understand what you do and do not like about a specific area </p><p>of computer programming. Do not be afraid to try out new areas of computer programming to </p><p>ensure that you get a taste for what you do and do not like. </p><p>Computer programming can provide you a great amount of job security. Take your time deciding </p><p>if computer programming is the job for you now and you will be glad that you did in the future. </p><p>Photo Credit: HackNY </p><p>http://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.stevenshenager.edu/information-technology/bachelors/computer-science-programming-emphasishttp://www.flickr.com/photos/hackny/8038573686</p></li></ul>