Literature vs Journalism: How to Get Your Writing Published

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From a writing workshop I gave to student writers.


  • 1. journalism literature

2. literature journalismJournalism is unreadableand literature is not read.-Oscar Wilde 3. journalismliterature The maker of literature strives to say a thing once and for all time; while the journalist says it over and over, with slight variations, every day or week or month. Upton Sinclair 4. journalismliterature Since ninety-nine per cent of the money paid out for written words is paid for journalism, it follows that ninety-nine per cent of the writers must be journalists, no matter what capacity they may have to produce literature. Upton Sinclair 5. journalistwriter 6. writing-reportingediting 7. 1 invest 8. 2 build 9. 3 explore 10. 4 pitch 11. 5 cover 12. 6 record 13. 7 write