Job Hunting with LinkedIn

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Presentation from April 14, 2012 Messiah UMC Jobs Ministry Workshop. Find out more about the Jobs Ministry at


  • 1. Job Hunting with LinkedIn Messiah UMC Jobs Ministry Will Kelly April 14, 2012 S
  • 2. PrerequisitesS Established LinkedIn ProfileS LinkedIn Groups membership (Dont need to be active)
  • 3. Job Hunting in Groups
  • 4. Jobs Available via Group Email
  • 5. Refine byRelationship
  • 6. Refine byCompany
  • 7. Refine byLocation
  • 8. Using LinkedInCompany Pages S
  • 9. Follow Companies
  • 10. Your Network
  • 11. Your College Alumni
  • 12. Requesting an Introduction S
  • 13. Introduction Request EtiquetteS Friendly greeting to the person you want to make the introduction.S State why you want the introduction.S Be gracious.
  • 14. Introduction Request
  • 15. Searching forRecruiters & Hiring Managers S
  • 16. Using the Advanced People Search Page1. Click Advanced (by the People Search field) to go to the Advanced People Search Page.2. Select Staffing and Recruiting in the Industries field.3. Enter Recruiter in the Title field plus the name of the company where you want to work.4. Enter Recruiter in the Title field and your location information.
  • 17. Applying Jobs on LinkedIn Jobs You May Be Interested in (Beta) S
  • 18. Jobs You May Be interested in (beta)
  • 19. Set Email Alerts
  • 20. Applying fora Job Click Apply Now or Apply on Company Website Resume & Cover Letter still necessary
  • 21. Saving JobsS Click Save Jobs then View Saved Jobs
  • 22. Locating Former Colleagues S
  • 23. Where on LinkedIn is my Former Colleague?S Use Advanced SearchS Fill out your profile with the employer where you worked with the person.
  • 24. Questions?S Will Kelly S wtkelly@gmail.comS Messiah UMC Jobs Ministry Group on LinkedIn