How to identify and develop future leaders 20 best ways

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How to identify and develop Future Leaders: 20 Best ways

Leaders are important in the development of a business because if you are not able to motivate your employees in the right manner, then you will not be able to reach the productivity level that you have been looking for. As a leader you will have individuals who are there with the strengths and skills to handle situations which others wont be able to cope with. But, that doesnt make them born leaders because in todays world leaders are mostly made by honing their skills. The leaders must be innovative in their thoughts and are strong enough to handle the changing situations with lan. Moreover, he must be able to provide the organization with proper guidance, so that they can meet the new demands without any major hitches. As an employer, you will have to train your leaders well and also make every effort to retain them. Sometimes the companies are in a haste to reduce the head count and in order to achieve that they forget to nurture the future leaders. If you want to grow, then you will have to identify your future leaders and help them in honing their skills, so that when you need to replace the older ones with a new set of leaders they are completely ready to take on the role. As a matter of fact the responsibility of building new leaders lies entirely with the managers. They work closely with the employees, so they know very well who can be pushed to what extent and who has the skills to don the cap of the leader efficiently.Here is how you can identify and also develop the future leaders of your company 1. In house program
2. Challenging their limits
3. Dig your well way ahead of time
4. Meet the expectations:
5. Going through the process
6. Make them part of real life experiences
7. Dont let them stick up to one job only
8. Support them
9. Improved performance in the market
10. Leading from the school life
11. Intern jobs for graduates:
12. Taking charge .
13. Multitasking capabilities
14. React to challenges
15. Trustworthy or not
16. Handling unpleasant changes:
17. Impressive lineup
18. Personality test
19. Potential tapped in
20. Driving innovations

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