How to Create Striking LinkedIn Profile

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1. StrikingLINKEDIN PROFILE IS WITHIN REACHWhat did you accomplish?What are you trying to accomplish?What are people in your industry arelooking for in a perfect candidate? 2. First impressionPROFILE PICTURE AND TITLEImage should be clear, well-lit and focus onyour face as much as possible. make sureyou're looking in the frame.Change your boring job title to somethinginteresting and industry-related. This is youpersonal brand's slogan. 3. The coreSUMMARY AND WORK EXPERIENCEResearch most common industry keywords.Focus on them when writing your summaryand describing responsibilities in your workexperience. Try to mix most used with lessused keywords, so people can find you whensearching for both general terms and morespecific skill sets. If there is something you'dlike to do in the future, use those keywords toattract potential employers. 4. Striking a chordEDUCATION, INTERESTS, VOLUNTEERINGIf you don't have a lot of experience, try toprovide as many relevant details as possible.Education, classes you've taken in college,projects you've worked on. List relevantinterests. Volunteer experience may be agood starting point as well. Find volunteeringopportunities in areas you're interested in. Youcan volunteer marketing or finance expertiseor serve on a board of a local charity. 5. Visual appealSTAND OUT WITH MULTIMEDIAStrive to add visual elements to your profile.Use bullet points and lists.Add websites, upload projects anddocuments, create appealing video for awealth of multimedia information that willkeep visitors longer. It will also give them abetter, fuller picture of who you are as aprofessional. 6. Social proofRECOMMENDATIONSDon't hesitate to ask for recommendations.Whenever you worked with or helped outpeople, they will be truly happy to give you arecommendation. This adds richness to yourprofile and lets people see you not only inyour own words but in the words of others. 7. More proofLIST OF SKILLSList keyword-rich skills and ask people toendorse you for them. You can arrange skillsand put the most important ones on top.People will see these first and will naturallyendorse you for them.Plus, LinkedIn encourages people of the samenetwork to endorse each other for skills. Youshould grow your social proof even faster witha set of specific skills on your profile. 8. Don't get stalePUBLISHING OPTIONSLinkedIn allows every user to publish theirown content. Create articles on your topics ofexpertise to show viewers that you stay on topof current industry trends or that you have anin-depth opinion on a specific issue. If yourarticle makes it onto Pulse, your profile willget tons of additional exposure. 9. Seal the dealGROUPS AND INFLUENCERSJoin relevant groups for networkingopportunities with. Groups also show up onyour profile and create an impression of awell-rounded individual. Also find Influencersto follow in your industry. This creates animpression that you strive to improve andlearn from the best. 10. Want more?SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES AND