How to create a linkedin profile that attracts GREAT job opportunities

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What is LinkedIn?

How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile that Attracts Great Employers

Bonnie PowerLinkedIn Marketing ExpertCEO, Perfect Boom

LinkedIn is a networking site for professional people, specialists, consultants, coaches and organisations to connect.

What is LinkedIn?

Whats the Purpose of Your LinkedIn Profile?

Your LinkedIn Profile should strengthen your Personal Brand. So when someone Googles your name, it will provide a positive influence for them to contact you and find out about your availability, and future career goals

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in June of 2016 for $26.2 BLinkedIn is now adding 2 new members every secondAs of 2016, 7 million Australians are on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is Booming !

3 Interesting Facts:

The Top 10 Elements of a Powerful LinkedIn Profile


The Top 10 Elements of a Powerful Profile

PhotoHeadlineContact DetailsIndustryLocation

Summary SectionEmployment SectionSkillsRecommendationMedia

1. Your PhotoNeeds to be Engaging, Warm, & Captures the Essence of Who You Are

2. Your HeadlineExplains what you do in 140 characters (use keyword)Template for You to Use:

I help with so they

For Example:

3. Your Contact Details

There are 200+ industry categories, so choose the one that your clients would choose when they are searching for someone who offers your type of services.4. Your Industry

5. Your LocationChoose the Location where you want your new job role to be based at.(Note: this is used as a search criteria)

6. Your Summary SectionKey Points to Include:

Provide a snapshot of what you do and why you do it!Outline what results youve delivered to your employers and other stakeholdersShow what your previous colleagues, bosses and clients have to say as testimonialsList your contact details

3 Tips - Summary SectionYouve only got 2000 characters so:1. Include your keywords 2. Get to the point3. Use an engaging tone

7. Your Employment Section

Key Points to Include:

Describe the results you generated for stakeholdersOutline the key job functions you took responsibility for Mention the industries / clients you worked with Use $ value to describe projects and % to describe the value you delivered.

8. Your SkillsGetting endorsed for the right skills will help you be found by prospective employers, as this section ranks highly for SEO on LinkedIn.

Key Tip for Your SkillsRearrange the Skills in order of relevance. You can also add and delete Skills!

9. Your RecommendationsHelp your future employers get the feeling you are a reliable professional, with a great track record.Aim to get at least 3-10 recommendations

Key Tip - How to Ask for a RecommendationCall or email to ask your ex-colleagues and employers if theyll be willing to provide one.Once theyve responded, log into your profile and click the down arrow to the right of the button near your profile picture.Click Ask to be recommended from the dropdown.Follow the prompts to request the recommendation.Click Send.

Background Image your contact detailsVideos that showcase your thought leadership 2-3 JPG images of Testimonials

10. Your Media Portfolio

The Perfect Recommendation Template helped our department with and generated amazing results. . I highly recommend !

Example: JPG Image of Testimonials

Example: Blog Post Images

The Top 5 LinkedInMarketingStrategiesThe Curiosity IgnitorThe Thought Leadership PlatformThe Curate & Share StrategyThe Direct ApproachThe Giving in Groups Method

Heres an example of a 5 Step Process that uses some of the LinkedIn Strategies weve discussed in the training:View the profiles of your top 100 employers Invite them to connect on LinkedInUpdate your profile daily by sharing relevant contentPost regularly on topics you want to be known forSend a message to begin an interesting conversation with your prospective employers, then book a time to meet over coffee.

Try Using 2 or 3 Strategies: