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How to boost your career with an EMBA

How to boost your career

with an EMBAChristophe Vanden EedeChief Learning Officer Engie BeneluxTwitter: @cvandeneede




Before most MBA students landed a job in a big corporationNowadaysFlatter organisationsSuccesfull College dropouts=> intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs4

TargetSwitch career path


The world today

VOLATILE: we need to constantly re-invent ourself: learn & unlearnNeed to develop comportemental competenciesSpeed and agility above control and top quality- UNCERTAINwhat will be the future needs, which jobs will be necessary, Need for more experimentation and thus acceptance of failureL&D need to be more business savvy

- COMPLEXNWOW, new competitors, expectations, technologies, Filter content & Support manager and employee in self-directed learning happenThe content of the learning is the responsibility of the business- AMBIGUOUSBoundries are dissapearing: knowledge has to flow through the organisationSharing & Collaboration is key to ensure clarity and all work towards the same goal: working out loud, serendipity


Robotisation added value? also algorithms for strategic decision makingWar for talent for scarce competenciesWellbeingEgyptian faraos reaction on scriptureTechnology will not make us stupid, but we will need to live with itElon musk => cyborgs? 7

EntrepreneurshipRisk takingCo-creationConsultingCommercial skillsWalking over a bridge that is in construction

How to make a difference as a human? IQ, EQ and AQ (adaptability quotient)8

Benefits of an EMBA


Business models, technical knowledgeProduction, supply chain, marketing & sales, Human Resources, finance, communication, legal, strategy, organizational design, change management, But: know they are only models, there is nog one size fits all, youll need to adapt it to the context you live in


Different profiles, learn to collaborate, learn their languagesFinanceStory: rope11

Learn to know yourself betterRemain criticalContinuous work12

Understand you know nothing and that you will never know everything you need to know13


Not get everything out of itHard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard15

Never get soo busy making a living that you forget to make a life

Work to hardForget about social relationships, family and friends or suffer the consequencesNever get soo busy making a living that you forget to make a life 16

Party too hard

Party hardSome will need less sleep than you: proven benefits of sleep - wellbeingImproves memoryYou live longerMakes you healthierMore creativeSharpens attentionWeight lossLower stress levelsAvoid accidentsAvoid depression



Copy cases: take into account the context and the history


What I hope you will learn


People join comlpanies and leaves managers20

Small boat or big boat => you are responsible as well for the machinery as for its crew!Well beingConstant development

Napoleon: It is never the fault of the soldier, it is always the fault of the gneralNot the right manNot the right toolsNot the right supervision21

Purpose: Stone cutter building cathedrals or cleaning man helping to put a man on the moon


Autonomy: - Hire good people and leave them alone22

The new currencyComes on foot but leaves on horseback (or with uber if you want)You need that safety to increase the autonomy of your teams23




You have the power!As the future is uncertain, the only way to keep control over it is to be yourself in the drivers seat. Youll need to keep on learning, and unlearn what you have learned and learn new ways to attain your goals, because the context will have changed in the meantime. 27

How to choose the right school?

I worked in recruitment WAR for Talent

Company chooses

If not:ListingsAlumni network en supportLocationFeeCultural fit


Go back to your childhood29

Succes andHave fun!