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  • 1. Effective Assignment By Matt Jackson

2. What is an ineffective assignment? The bottom line in education is student learning. If the students do not do their assignments, no learning will occur. Teachers assign assignments but that doesnt mean all students know what they are doing. For example Do chapter seven and test Friday??? 3. More on ineffective Students dont know what that means and so they will not complete the assignment. Some students also do not see the point in doing the assignment so they decide to fail. 4. Examples of Ineffective Learning No standards, no objectives, and no activities done for a specified reason. No student will understand if you dont explain what they are learning. 5. Teachers Should Ask What do I want the students to learn? What do I want the students to accomplish? 6. Mastery/Mystery Learning If students know what they are learning its called mastery learning. If the students dont understand its turns into mystery learning. Meaning kids are lost and dont know what they are doing. 7. Cover/Uncover Teachers should be worried about uncovering a topic or section rather than covering it. An effective teacher uncovers what the students will be learning up front. What the students will accomplish. 8. Four Steps for Important Learning Determine what you want the students to accomplish. Write each assignment as a single sentence. Give the students a copy of the same sentences. Post or send these sentences home with the students. 9. Students Accomplish The question should be what do my students need to learn? Not what am I covering? Standards identify what is essential for students to master. Standards are in most states. Standards are like the backbone of teaching. With standards in place schools can create guides for the curriculum. These guides inform what the students should master and teacher should teach. 10. More.. With these outlines teachers can teach and uncover a lesson. Students need to understand what's going on and what they are learning. Which goes back to mastering their skills. 11. Write each accomplishment in one Sent. Objectives or Learning Criteria Objectives help students anticipate, focus, and understand the purpose of a lesson. 12. More To teach for learning, use words, especially verbs, that state how to demonstrate what learning has taken place. Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Those are just a few examples of the word choice. 13. More Do not use these verbs when you write objectives!!!! Appreciate, enjoy, beautify, love, be happy, like, celebrate, and understand. This words are not on Blooms list. The more students understand the sentecene, the greater the chance that the students will do what is intended. Example of this: Describe what happens when two molds grow together? 14. Most Important Continually look at the objectives to make sure the class is on course!!! 15. Give a copy of the Objectives to the Students Students can be in control of what they know what objective they are responsible to learn.