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<p> 1. AdvancedClass<br />5th Semester<br />Jess Andrs Toriz Vargas<br />Final Proyect<br /> 2. FIRST PERIOD<br /> 3. In the first period our project was to do an autobiography and explain it<br /> 4. Autobiography<br /> 5. Family<br />All these people are very important in my life. I like this picture much since this all my family and my grandma comes and who died this year and is a beautiful memory I have of her always smiling:)<br /> 6. 7. Friends<br /> 8. 9. 10. School<br /> 11. My friends have helped me throughout my life are my second family<br /> 12. SecondPeriod<br />InterviewsCommercial<br /> 13. Second period we played interviewing people with disabilities. We were also doing commercials for the environment<br /> 14. I get a good feeling because at least the places that I accompanied my team had no true rejection of such people could contract subject to compliance with the requirements of the job whether they were disabled.<br /> 15. ThirdPeriod<br />PLAY<br /> 16. During this period I had fun with my team.We made a play "Hercules<br /> 17. At first I thought it was going to do something as difficult as our classroom is the biggest we had to divide into two teams, then we had because we had to agree on the time trials and stuff but in the end went very well and I really like working this way.<br /> 18. This is my Team (:<br /> 19. FINAL proyect<br /></p>