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  • 1.MAREI wins Awards of Excellence at National REIA Mid Year for 2nd Year in a Row! MID-AMERICA ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORS Investment News NETWORKING : EDUCATION : COMMUNITY : GOVERNMENTDecember 2012 10 e PagHappyHo lidays Fro m the MAREIStaff

2. CONTENTSHeading into Year 10Government officials are working 6to Change the Way Things Work.I Dont CareGovernment officials are working 8to Change the Way Things Work.Housing TrendsThe latest trends in housing are 12 changing the investing industry.Hyper Local BloggingHow do we share our knowledge 16 and get people to find our blog.The Investment GameJust getting started with invest-ment rentals. Do you know what 18 you are doing?Every Issue 10 Benefits at a Glance 14 Membership 20 Investment Opportunities 22 December Member Training 23 December Meeting 24 Monthly Calendar Web Exclusive @ Check out our Website Contact us by Phone Emerging 913-815-0111 Trends in Email US Real Estate 2013 Join The Conversation Trends2013 Join Association 2 3. SERVICES THAT PUT PROSAND INVESTORS FIRSTWith our FIRST for Pro initiative, The Home Depot is takingEven better care of our best customers. FAST IN AND OUT Time is money well get you back to work quickly. Dedicated Pro Desk Associates. Two hour advance order pulling. KNOWLEDEABLE, HELPFUL FIRST FOR PRO ASSOCIATES First for Pro Associates provide a single point of contact Theyll get to know you by name. You can rely on them to know about the products, services and related items needed for each of your jobs. Look for Associates with FIRST for Pro badges on their aprons. IN-STOCK JOB LOT QUANTITIES You can rely on The Home Depot to have the items you want in the amounts you need. Our stores keep job lot quantities in stock. Ask about direct-to-job-site delivery options. GREAT PRICES JUST FOR PROS We Offer everyday low prices, plus more ways to save on larger orders. You can count on competitive pricing on everything inevery department Volume pricing discounts available on purchases as lowas $2,500. Instant bulk price savings available 1000s of items.SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR MAREIMAREI members receive special discounts at TheHome Depot nationwide. Two percent rebate paid twice a year on all purchasesmade through all registered accounts. Twenty percent discount on selected paint brands. Exclusive to members of National REIA.EXCLUSIVE PROJECT ESTIMATOR APP Coming in 2013, the Home Depot Project Estimator App for iPad, a business changing tool for National REIA Chapter members nationwide. Watch your local REIA Chapter for Investment NewsPage 3 more information. 4. Mid-America Association ofReal Estate Investors The only National REIA Chapter in the Tri State Region Serving KS, MO & NE Honors of Merritt Winner National REIA Contact InformationAwards of Excellence2011 & 2012PO Box 8685, Prairie Village KS, 66208 Phone: 913-815-0111Email: info@MAREInet.comRead NewsletterOnline Anytime Our Mission Statement Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is dedicated to promoting ethical real estate investing and to protect and promote the best interest of our membership through educationalConnect with us Online and networking opportunities as well as community, legislative and public relations.LinkedIn Group:Kansas City Real Estate InvestorsLegal Disclaimer MAREI does not exist to render and does not give legal, tax, economic or investment advice and disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each individual should consult Facebook Page:his/her own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment and related matters concerning real estate and other investments.Kansas City Real Estate Investing Content Disclaimer The views and opinions expressed by authors of articles contributed to this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of the association, the board of directors or the staff.Kansas City Real Estate: /kcrei/ Mid-Missouri Real Estate: /MidMo/ Advertise in the Investment NewsOmaha Real Estate: /OmahaRE/ Rate ScheduleTopeka Real Estate: /TopekaRE/ Size Non-MemberMemberBusiness AssociateWichita Real Estate: /WichitaRE/ Full Page$175$140$115 Special Groups Facebook 1/2 Page $145$105$85KCMO Water Dept Issues: /badbilling/ 1/4 Page $75 $65 $50 1/8 Page $55 $35 $25MO Creative Finance LegislationFind us on TwitterA 10% discount is given on ads pre-paid for 6-12 months. Any changes to a pre-paid ad willincur a minimum charge of $20. The deadline to submit ad copy is the 1st of each month. All @MAREInetads must be prepaid. Contact to verify ad format can be accepted. PDF preferred. There is anadditional charge of $25 to typeset a business card ad or 1/4 page ad layout, $60 for a 1/2Tweet #KCREIpage or full page lay-out. Opportunities also exist for advertising on Call913-815-0111 for more information. Email ad copy to Mail payment toMAREI, PO Box 8685, Prairie Village, KS 66208 or request an online payment for to use creditor debit card.Page 4 5. Use your smart phone to match real -world colors with paint colors. Get coordinating colors or create custom palettes. Search, browse, adjust, save and even share colors. All for free! FEATURES Use your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone to capture a color that inspires you and match it to one of 1,500 Sherwin- Williams paint colors. Create a custom palette or Ask Sherwin-Williams for colors that complement your color. Search for specific colors or browse the full Sherwin-Williams color palette right from your iPhone or Blackberry, or Android smart phone. Fine tune colors using lightness, saturation and hue features. Save colors to your "My Saved Colors" library to compare palettes or share via Facebook and email. Learn detailed color information, including color names, RGB val- ues, and LRV numbersall with the ColorSnap app. Find a Sherwin-Williams Store Near You: Member Tip: Whether you are repainting a rental or picking new col- ors for your resale renovation, use this mobile app to assist you with color selection and to remember your favorites. Be sure to take your colors to your favorite Sherwin Williams Store and be sure to provide them with your exclusive discount card from Mid-America Associa- tion of Real Estate Investors to get the absolute best pricing Sherwin Williams has to offer on all their products. If you have trouble keeping track of your Member Discount Card . . . Snap a photo with your smart phone of both sides and you will always have your discount card with you . . . If your Card Expires in 2012, you can request a new one from the MAREI office, we mail out new ones with your membership renewal and we post copies of the new card in the MAREI member Guide.Investment News Page 5 6. Heading into Year Ten!Wont you come along forthe 2013 ride! Little did we know that December of 2003 that the brand draw to fill a training room, we will have it online. new company known as Mid-America Association of Real Here locally we are making some changes as well in re- Estate Investors would take off and be a major factor in the gards to training. We are looking at several options to Real Estate Investing Community in the mid-west. We get our local experts involved in training our new mem- were new and innovative then and now 9 years later, after bers. This allows the new members access to local, af- the great real estate boom and the bubble bursting we are fordable training so they learn the business the correct back in growth mode. way from the start. Plus by giving back, the advanced We have been a member of National REIA since the be-members gain customers to their business, visibility in ginning and have been winning awards for the past two the community, and the chance to perfect their skills. years for the tools and programs we use to connect with We have finally taken the step to add a 2nd monthly our members, educate our members, and to have our meeting. See later on in this issue information on our members take part in the community as a whole. very first meeting of MAREI KC North, to be held on Jan- So whats on the horizon. Well in the past year we have uary 3rd at the North Kansas City Community Center. stepped up the game to become a Chapter Member of Na- This is specifically designed for our Northland Members tional REIA, which means we will have all the same greatbut is open to everyone. benefits and programs we have always had, like our Sher- We are still working on building up our mastermind or win Williams and Home Depot Discounts, Monthly Meet- subgroups. We would like to see 2013 bring a few more ings, and Week-End Events. With the new Chapter Pro- groups that are based on geographic area, like outlying gram in place we will have a lot of new great exclusives. areas around the metro as well as Lawrence, Topeka, Coming in 2013 for our members, be on the look out for aWichita and Omaha. We would also like to add a group brand new mobile app just for Chapters Members of Na- for advanced investors, a womens group, a young per- tional REIA from The Home Depot. This app will be a sons group and possibly some groups based on topic. game changer or many Landlords and Remodelers as it These may be short lived 2 or 3 meeting groups or they will store your entire list of favorite products and allow youmight meet monthly or weekly. Bring us your ideas, but to walk through each room on a project, take measure- remember with new groups comes the need for new ments , select products and produce a bid and purchasegroup leaders. list. This purchase list is then sent straight to the pro-desk As we head into our 10th year in 2013, we look forward to be priced out through the Volume Discount Pricing Pro- to working with our member community. We have a lot gram and for you to order and pay for on one of your ac- of great challenges facing us from the Political Advocacy counts that offers your 2% cash back. They are still in test- Stand Point as well as some great opportunities to con- ing mode, but it will be out in 2013. nect with our community and raise the professionalism of Coming in 2013 for our member, look for the new Nationalthe real estate investing community. I really hope you REIA University and a new Professional Housing Provider will enjoy 2013 at MAREI as much as we enjoy working Program. We have a core curriculum that all investors with you as a member. should be knowledgeable to earn a Professional Housing Make it a Great Year Provider Designation. But to get all the classes one might have to work over several years to get all the topics need- Kim Tucker ed a live training and some of the topic might be a bit less that exciting. So the solution is going to be National REIA University. While we will still have live meetings and train- How I did the deal will be back in January, sub- ing events, the online solution will fill in. So if you just mit your deals to Deals missed the live training on a topic, you will be able to find selected for publication will receive a $25 credit that topic online and not have to wait till it comes around again. Also for the topics that might not be a big enough on account to apply to trainign workshops.Page 6 7. INSTRUCTORS WANTEDFor the Following Topcis Landlording: Landlord Tenant Law Purchasing: Buying REO PropertiesAppraisal Methods Landlording: Evictions Purchasing: How much to OfferAppraisal: Comparing Properties Landlording: Tenant Screening Purchasing: Notes & Bulk SalesContract Law: Basics Landlording: Record Keeping Rehabbing: Estimation On SiteContract Law: Must have Clause Landlording: Maximizing Cash Flow Rehabbing: Estimation ClassroomContract Law: Purchase Contracts Landlording: Property Management Rehabbing: Live DemonstrationsContract Law: Creative Financing Marketing: For Motivated Sellers Regulations: Lead PaintFinance: FHA / VA & Conventional Marketing: Building Buyers List Regulations: Zoning & Building CodesFinance: Owner Financing Marketing: Social Media Tax Law: Minimizing TaxesFunding: Private Lending Marketing: Websites Tax Law: 1031 ExchangeFunding: Self Directed IRA Marketing: Database Management Tax Law: Cost SegregationFunding: Syndication Negotiation: With Motivated SellersMAREI would like to work with local in-structors on these topics to develop anInsurance: for Properties Negotiation: Short Sales informational article for the newsletter, a30 minute webinar, and a 2 hour LiveInsurance: Workmans Comp Negotiation: Contractor AgreementsWorkshop. If you would like to share yourInsurance: Liability & Others Negotiation: Buyers & Rentersexpertise or know someone who wouldaccurate Accurate Closings: Smooth, Timely, Professional.Title Services Provided for: Property Management FSBO, Wholesale, & REO Transactions New Construction ClosingsSection 8 Housing Commercial Purchases and RefinanceKC Metro Wide All Types of Loan Closings 1031 Exchanges FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional Loans, andJeff WoodsHard Money Loan Closings Refinance & Reverse Mortgages Broker Doc Prep, Prelim HUDS, Curing Issues Short Sale Closing & 100 Years of Combined Service!816-849500www.AccurateTitleCo.com913-338-0100 phoneInvestment News Page 7 8. I Dont CareMAREIs Political Advocacy CommitteeKeeps You Informed! Real Estate Investors we often hear about ansure you know what the issues are, provide youissue in the media. Unless it directly affects yourwith information to make informed decisionspersonal business, we think Thats not right, but itabout those issues, and help you share yourreally does not directly affect me. So I really dontthoughts and decisions with the correct We are here to tell you that if it affects the To that end we have a Political Advocacy Sectionreal estate industry, more often than not, it will on our website. We will send you Calls to Actionaffect all Americans in some way. Housing and Real on important issues via email and social media.Estate Issues affect the US economy and just Your responsibility as a member of our associa-about everything else in some capacity. tion is to stop and take action. Dont stick yourOur next thought is Ok, so it might be important, head in the sand and wait for someone else to dobut what can I do? Well individually, you cant do something. Its up to you to make your voicea whole heck of a lot as an average citizen. But asheard.a part of a large organization you have the a much When you do send your comments and opinionslarger impact. If we all think about how it will us, to officials, be sure to remind them that you are awrite out our thoughts, and share them with the citizen in their area. Next...