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  • 2. people, and overcome any kind of challenges in his or her career. By getting a job that requires labor, you actually learn a lot about the world of labor and real work. This can help you make a decision later on as to the type of company you would want and wouldnt want to work for. Plus, the skills you are to develop are transferable skills, which will surely be useful in whatever field you opt to pursue.Upon graduating from college or university, we all 3. You will have a unique set of qualifications. hope that our guardian angels will help us get a Having a degree in a certain field and vast experience high paying job in any of in several other fields is definitely impressive for any the biggest companies hiring manager. One thing you should realize about out there. The sad thing, the job market today is that employers generally though, is that people prefer to hire people who have flexible skills. So by often find themselves gaining experience in different fields, your resumewaiting for months and even years to even get a job will reflect how adaptable and multi-skilled you are.interview. So are you just going to sit there and waitfor a call from a potential employer? Experts on The bottom line of this career change advice is thatcareer change advice recommend that unemployed you neednt switch careers entirely while waiting toindividuals like you try finding work in certain fields get a job. Instead, consider getting jobs from variousthat require labor even if you feel you are over- fields so that you may gain more confidence andqualified for it. So you may be wondering what you acquire different skills, both of which are whatcan get out of it? employers are looking for in a perfect candidate.1. You will gain more confidence in yourself.Every job seeker wants their potential employers tosee them as a go-getter. Well in that case, you need tolook like one and be that one! You can develop thispositive attitude by grabbing every opportunity thatcomes your way to gain skills that you can later onuse in your dream job. As you spend time developingyour skill set, you will discover more about yourself. The concept of loyalty to one employer and lastingYou will realize that you are worth more than what commitment to only one job has drastically changedyou think you do. This can give you the confidence over the years. Thesethat no college degree can provide. days, no employee seems to be convinced that they2. You can develop more and varying skills. can survive working in the same company forA great benefit of doing a real job is that it gives you several years or evena chance to get some experience that may be valuable decades. In fact, more andto your future employers. Hiring managers are more people are now changing and finding newalways looking for an applicant who has been in career before they finally settle in the right job. Somany different situations, dealt with many kinds ofCosmic Coaching Centrehttp://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 2
  • 3. what could be their reasons for changing careers workers lives in danger. People in these industriesquite too often? often start finding new career because they think about their health and what would be good forTo Find a More Fulfilling Job themselves and their families as well.It is human nature to want to feel valuable in whatthey do. If you can feel or see that what you are doingcan greatly contribute to the success of yourcompany, you will necessarily feel satisfied andfulfilled. But if not, then you may start thinking offinding something else that will make you significant.Once you find a job that is close to what you are sopassionate about, you will most likely feel thecontentment and happiness, which will make you Being out of work for some time or being laid offwant to stay in your job for as long as you can. perhaps is one thing we all want to avoid. SuchTo Make Use of Talent events could leave youA common and acceptable objective of changing devastated, but dont losecareers or jobs is to fully utilize your talents and hope because you canskills. If, for instance, you are a great communicator still consider this a greatand you enjoy talking to people, chances are you will opportunity for you although it doesnt seem thatnot last in a job that requires you to sit behind the way right now. First of all, you can use this as adesk the entire day. It is important that you find a motivation for you to be better, and also a chance forcareer and a job where you will be doing the things finding new career. What is important is that youyou enjoy. This is another source of fulfillment know how to turn this experience into a lesson sobecause you will be at work not only to earn a living, that you could make sure this time that you will bebut also to do what makes you happy. doing something you can enjoy for a long time. Heres what you should do:To Find the Balance 1. Dont be extremely in a hurry to find a job.While it is true that we all work to get paid and havethe money that we need, money is not the only If you are not sure yet what you want to do for areason for having a job, at least for many of us. There living and where you want to be in your career, takeare certain careers that involve being away from your your time and dont rush things. Being without a jobfamily most of the time, and this is an easy source of can be a good time for you to think, reflect, and assessdiscontentment and even depression for some yourself. You can use the internet in a disciplinedpeople. Many people switch careers because they feel manner and not because you are just trying to escapethat their current field doesnt give them the unemployment. Remember that the more clear youopportunity to grow as individuals. If you are to find are about your career desires, the better directiona new career, make sure that it is something that will your career path will go.make you feel complete as a person. 2. Explore all your options open-mindedly.To Live a Healthier Life Read up to gather more information about the fieldsSome careers or jobs are just not good for the health. you are interested in. You just have to go out and talkFor instance, jobs that involve working with harmful to your relative or friends who may know who youchemicals or heavy machinery can actually put should meet and learn from.Cosmic Coaching Centrehttp://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 3
  • 4. Assess yourself carefully so you can figure out what it There is nothing wrong with choosing to find a newis that you are really good at. It is important that you career. In fact, workers are expected to change jobsknow who you are, what your values are, what your and careers at least once in their entire working lives.negative and positive traits are, and so on. In looking If you want to enjoy earning money, then you may asfor a new job or career, dont forget to consider your well consider turning your passion into somethingpassions. Once you have completely recognized your you can make money from. Heres how you canskills and talents, you will find it very rewarding and identify your passion and making it your career.thrilling to get to develop or mould them. Opportunities to Do Volunteer Work: Volunteering is3. Do not go for the first job you are offered. a very good way of finding new career. There are many people from the corporate world who cannotIf you know that youre good and you know exactly resist the chance of doing something that is close towhat career path to take, there will definitely be their hearts, even without being paid for the workmore job offers to come. Once you get offered a job, they do. If you find a chance to do some volunteertake your time and give it some time to receive work, grab it, because this could open employmentothers. This way, you will not be limiting your opportunities for you as well.opportunities of finding the job that you will not loseeventually. Pastime Activities: If, for instance, you love to run, there is a possibility for you to apply your corporate4. Stay positive. skills in a position in an organization for runners.Needless to say finding new career after being fired This is just an illustration of how it would be possibleor after months or years of being unemployed is a for you to still use your skills while also being able tohuge challenge. But this isnt the worst thing that work somewhere thats dear to you. In this case, youcould happen to you. Besides, there are many job could use the power of networking to spread theopportunities out there, and its all up to how word about your interest in working for a certainefficient you are in searching for one. group of organization. Working for a Company You Admire: If you have always been engaged in a particular job, and you know to your heart that you love what youre doing, it is likely also that there is one company out there that you have always dreamed of working in. Pursuing a career in this field will not mean you having to change careers. All you have to do is focus on your goal, and consider every step you take as Knowing what career to moving towards your passion. pursue is one of the most difficult things to do. Travelling the World: Going to many different places Establishing a career in the world is not only an activity that you can enjoy. begins with your choice of As a matter of fact, this could turn into an degree and getting the opportunity for you to know what your heart is really certification and training passionate about and even how to achieve yourto become an expert in the field. The sad thing is that goals in life and in your career. As you travel, keepyou can never really be sure if the career path you your eyes and your mind open to the possibilities youhave chosen is the perfect one for you. are presented with.Cosmic Coaching Centrehttp://cosmiccoachingcentre.com Page 4