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Our CAD SCHOOL Framework What ? Why ? HOW?

CAE center

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a group of mechanical engineers have ventured to share there knowledge .......they need team work ........if you are the one then help them

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FrameworkWhat ?

Why ?


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What are we doing

We intend to start a CAE tutorial center.

This is not something that is never been done before.

There are lot of centers that are competing amongst each other.

Our center is seeing the work in a totally different view.

At the end of the Day we want “Practical Engineers

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Why are we doing

• No work is done without any benefit.

•New ideas always emerge when there are loop holes in the system.

•To fill these holes there are many ways so that we can give a better end result

•Due to these loop holes the worst hit is society.

•Our org. tries to fill up this gap by giving proper background, before they are pushed for crunching keys or maneuvering the mouse.

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•The existing CAE centers promises its students mainly two things.

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•But Down the line the candidates come to know , what they have is

If we have a

Vacancy here We

Will Notify You

Cadd center

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•After getting feed back from many candidates we could deduce the loop holes

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•And the good part of the feed back

•So how different we are ……..

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What is our approach and how its beneficiary compared to the

current system•In a nut shell here is our approach

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•The gap between learning a particular CAE software and knowing the theoretical background for implementing the software is patched here.

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•We have basically formulated a manifesto which is as follows

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•CAE is General word for computer aided engineering which mainly deals

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•It is an impossible task for any person to master all the parts of the CAE domain, excepting a few.

•We are not making false promises like other institutes do, and teach a hell lot of softwares for huge amount of fees.

•Instead we guarantee that the student will be master in a particular domain with the maximum capabilities , so that tomorrow he will be able to face the society as a experienced professional does .

•He or she will be knowing why he is suppose to do that and what is happening behind the scene to get that particular results , rather than just admiring the colorful contour plots that are being plotted on the screen.

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• According to the current CAE trends in the market Mechanical engineers are in great demand mainly for Pre and Post Processing……that is analysis and results interpretation.

• The major industries , as you are already aware automobile and aerospace industries h demand detail level analysis

• There are requirements of CAE analysts in these industries always because of there tight R&D schedules.

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Who are our targets and how to reach them?

•The best place to start a tutorial session is an institution with the budding and energetic students

•Conduct a forum of CAE possibly on week ends at a reputed university.

•Or start under our own roof and advertise for candidates to join

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We are in need of…..

•A reputed person with a good industrial background.

•Experienced in teaching both, technical and practical ways of the subject.

•Get to move on and negotiate with the , say to start with college officials and other reputed institutions.

•Communicate with people by mass media and developing a website.

•Calculate overheads over a range and fix the course fees.

•Last but not the least professionals who are willing to teach and share there industrial experience.

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We give basic training in SOM required for understanding and these packages

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We wish our

dream comes true