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  • 1. Advanced LinkedIn ProfileHow to Brand Yourself Online CAREER CENTER OF LOWELL WWW.CCLOWELL.ORG

2. Being on LinkedInYour profile at LinkedIn is your first job interviewifemployers dont like what they see, you wont hearfrom them again. Is your LinkedIn profile the best itcan be? If youre not on LinkedIn and looking good,you dont exist to most employers. David Perry and Kevin Donlin Co-Creators, "The Guerrilla Job Search System 3. AgendaPurpose of the Profile Skills FeatureThe Snapshot AnswersThe SummaryUpdate BoxExperience Additional InformationRecommendations 4. Purpose of Your ProfileYour profile is not your rsum Rsumshort and tailored to each job Profilenarrative more personable; offers morePenetrate the Hidden Job MarketBuild your online Personal BrandingHelp you connect for a job 5. Reaching 100% CompletionChance of being contacted increases 40% than if only 90% of profile is completeNecessary components: Industry and postal code Profile photo Profile summary Current work experience with description Past work experience minimum 2 positions Education Specialties/Skills minimum 5 Connections minimum 50 6. How Much People Value Their Profile 7. The Snapshot Area 8. PhotoYour photothe first thing a visitor seesInclude a photo Help brand you People recognize you What would you prefer to see, ThisOr Oreven 9. What Type of Photo 10. HeadlineIts another part of you brandingSimilar to your rsum branding headlineLimit 120 charactersSchucksMust contain 11. Headline ExamplesPoor HeadlinePoor Branding; Lacks Keywords 12. What do People Look at First? 13. Experience BoxBriefly explains your current and past experience Eliminate Current Experience if not working Volunteerism counts as current experienceEducation Similar to rsum No dates necessary 14. Your Public Profile This should be customized to better brand youThe default is: Leave a bad impression on your rsum and business cardsBetter: Shows youre aware of how to use LinkedIn 15. SummarySome believe is the most important part of the ProfileAllows for creativity, e.g., using 1st or 3rd person Debate over 1st and 3rd personLimit, 2,000 charactersrsum typically 1,000 or less 16. Important Tips on Your SummarySummarize your experience, tell your storyMay include a branding statement Delivering trending job search strategiesMake sure to include industry keywords Find keywords on,, other job boards 17. Sample Summary (1st Person)Tells a StoryHumorous Intro 18. Sample Summary (3rd Person)List of Accomplishments 19. Changing Your CareerAfter successfully navigating a rewarding career,including landing a dream job in the NYC magazineworld and building a thriving freelance writingbusiness, it is time for me to "pay it forward" and helpothers make THEIR career dreams come true. Tothat end, I am working on an M.A. in careercounseling.. 20. ExperienceProvide detail, but not too muchACCOMPLISHMENTSTreat it like your rsumemployers may not call for rsumsRecommendation links under each job 3 different jobs are required on your way to a full profileLimit, 1988 characters for EACH position, similar amount on rsum 21. Whats More Important? 22. Sample Work Experience (One Job)Project ManagerABC CompanyProgram Development industrySeptember 2008 January 2011 (2 years 5 months)Project Manager, unifying the processing of multiple books of businessinto a single system, eliminating a five year legacy of manual entry andwork-arounds.Created customized processes, plans, documentation and templates forimplementing companys first project management system, includingplanning, scope, communications, change, risk, scheduling, resources,auditing, and closeout.Mapped workflow simultaneously to SDLC and Project Managementschema. 23. Experience Example 24. Experience (continued)Volunteerism counts as experienceCommunity Volunteer, Networker and Administrative Assistant (position)Bob Jones (company)Program Development industry (industry)August 2008 Present (2 years 7 months) Engineer at Hampstead Community Access Television: bringing 28-year-old cable TV station up to date. Member of Hampstead Cable TelevisionAdvisory Board. Founder of PMI New Hampshire Chapters networking group netPM. Facilitator/advisor to Acton Networkers, NHnetWORKS, NutfieldNetworking, Nashua After Hours Networking and Dynamic Networkinggroups. Participant in project/program/product management webinars on a weeklybasis. 25. RecommendationsEnhances your brandingDemonstrate to employers how others perceive youWrite recommendations to show your understanding of key skills, as well as your valuesRecommendations can be used in your written communications 26. Skills FeatureSelect skills that apply to youAnother way for employers to find youkeywordsGroups you may join, people you may want to connect with, and moreEndorsements 27. Answer FeatureAsk a question and get answers from experts worldwideYou can answer questions to show knowledgeHelps brand you as an expert 28. Update BoxIts how you network with your 1st degrees Share information; ask for advice Update frequently, at least dailyCan link to TwitterNOW ON HOME PAGE ONLY 29. Additional InformationWebsites: link to a personal blog, company website, etcLink to TwitterWhat are your interests?Groups and AssociationsHonors and Awards 30. PollsReturn 31. Thank YouAre there any questions?