15 things to do if you lose your job

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In today's world, losing the job during economic crises may be very stressful. Here are some tips to keep

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2. www.hajasheriff.com 3. Dont PANICTake a breath and step back and look at it likea consultant. What changes are required for thiscandidate? www.hajasheriff.com 4. Be SupremelyPositive!www.hajasheriff.com 5. Talk to your familyand friends www.hajasheriff.com 6. Update yourLinkedIn Profile www.hajasheriff.com 7. Write to yourExecs. Ask forrecommendation.www.hajasheriff.com 8. Ask friends torefer you to jobs www.hajasheriff.com 9. Dont beembarrassed. Statethe facts.www.hajasheriff.com 10. Keep looking forOpportunities www.hajasheriff.com 11. Read Positive books.www.hajasheriff.com 12. Create an onlinepresence. Start aBlog.www.hajasheriff.com 13. Learn to meditate.www.hajasheriff.com 14. Become Fit! www.hajasheriff.com 15. Relax, Breathe, Smile www.hajasheriff.com 16. Remember -www.hajasheriff.com 17. So-Courtesy: Nikewww.hajasheriff.com 18. VISIT FOR MORE IDEASwww.hajasheriff.com