12 Top Teaching Tips for New Teachers

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12 Top Teaching Tips for New Teachers

IntroductionCongratulations on qualifying as a teacher! It can be the toughest job you will ever love, with a steep learning curve. The guide 12 Top Teaching Tips for New Teachers, is designed to help you with 12 key topics related to teaching in the 21st century. Use all you learn in the guide to start off on the right foot with your new teaching career.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers2

1: The 10 most common mistakes new teachers MAKEMany new teachers and substitute teachers make the same mistakes when dealing with:DisciplineAdministrationClassroom managementDiscover what these errors are so you can avoid them, and start your new career successfully from the outset.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers3


2: 10 common teaching challenges and how to overcome themNew teachers face a range of challenges related to:the studentswork-life balancecurriculum demandsLesson planningMarkingAnd more. Being prepared for these challenges is the best way to overcome them.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers4

3: 10 management strategies for a successful classroom Classroom management is essential when you first start teaching. It puts YOU in control of the situation, which is where you need to be if you wish to have:A successful learning environmentA pleasant atmosphere because everyone in class knows the rulesA successful careerManaging your classroom is one of your first steps to success as a teacher.


4: 12 ways to give praise and influence studentsLearning how to praise your students in a meaningful way can support learning and make them eager to do and learn more.Praising them the wrong way can backfire.It can also create a hostile atmosphere if not done carefully.Learn how to give praise and influence students and see what a difference it can make to their learning process.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers6

5: 10 ways to discipline without shamingDisciplining a child is never easy. Sometimes, due to inexperience, teachers might shame the child, leading to tense personal relationships and even hurt feelings, embarrassment and shame.Learn how to discipline a student effectively without shaming them, for a more productive learning environment and a child who will be more eager to follow the classroom rules.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers7

6: How to teach a "flipped classroom" A flipped classroom is becoming more and more popular for a range of reasons. The flipping involves students being introduced to the material at first on their ownClass time will then be spent interacting with the material and with each other and the teacher.Flipped classrooms can take more effort to organize at first, but once youve done the work, you can use it over and over again.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers8

7: How to use video conferencing for teachingVideo conference can be an ideal way to reach your students. Whether youre teaching tweens or teens, or have paying coaching clients, mastering this technology can make your life a lot easier. Dont forget to record your sessions so you can use them over and over again.You can even sell them as a paid information product online.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers9

8: STEM and STEAM-what you need to knowSTEM has become the latest educational buzzword in the US, but there is a growing backlash in favor of STEAM.Knowing the difference between the two is key to providing integrated lesson plans and a wide range of educational experiences within each subject areaCross-curricular study reinforces knowledge in other subjects and makes lessons more interesting for those students who might not otherwise connect with your subject.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers10

9: 12 top websites for TEACHERS A modern teacher is often only as good as the websites they use for information, lesson plans, worksheets, printables, and more.Keep a master list of your favorite sites and be sure to organize your lesson plans well in advance.Staying organized also means any substitute teacher who has to fill in for you for any reason can pick up where youve left off.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers11

10: Top Tools and Apps for teachers AND STUDENTSApps are another essential tool for both teachers and students.There are thousands of apps to choose from, many free. It can take some time to find just the right ones and learn how to use them to their best advantage for teaching purposes.Dont take up space on your phone download apps that really help you meet your teaching goals.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers12

11: How to create a wish list for your TEACHIngAll schools are struggling for cash these days to meet all of their educational needs.Every time theres a curriculum change or new textbook assigned, schools have to figure out how to pay for them.Creating online wish lists can help raise the funds you need for your students to succeed.Discover top wish list sites to make your schools wishes come true.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers13

12: Developmental Milestones for each age groupKnowing what to expect at each age group in terms of developmental milestones can help you plan and differentiate lessons as needed.PhysicalCognitiveSocial Emotionalskills vary for each child, but knowing what to expect can help them get the help they need if they start to struggle in any of these areas.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers14

ConclusionAs with most things in life, the more prepared you are, the better chances for your success. Use this presentation to remind you of some of the most important things to keep in mind throughout your first year of teaching. For more in-depth information and other guides visit our Teachers page at http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachersTo buy or read 12 Top Teaching Tips for New Teachers via Kindle Unlimited, see the following page.


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CreditsWith thanks to Joan Mullally for creating this deck and authors Cindy L. Arthur and Siobhan McNally for the content.http://EternalSpiralBooks.com/teachers17