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  • 1. Offers the futureof alternative monetization
  • 2. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationParetoPrinciple?1 of 360 registered users pays.1 of 838 registered users pays regularly (at least once a week).1 of 60 active users pay regularly.Thanks to several players thousands have an opportunity to recieveupgrades, new quests, personages, equipment, maps, etc.
  • 3. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationOfferAdvertiser offers the player to make an action and pays for it:register on the web-site, watch a video, fill in the survey,buy smth in an online store, download and install a program.Advertiser transfers money, that the player recievesin virtual currency and the publisher in real currency.
  • 4. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationOffer typesFree for the userfill in the survey, subscribe for the news, watch a video, recieve a coupon,download and install an application, register on the web-site, etc.Paid by the userbuy good and servises online, buy the content(percent for the sum spent returns to the user in virtual currency)
  • 5. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationTechnology1. Integrate with Xsolla as a payment service provider.2. Integrate PayStation.3. Or use the API to integrate the offerwall into the game.Player statistics1. Player registrations, MAU, DAU.2. The number of monetized users.3. Geography, age, sex.
  • 6. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationTargetingEach offer is targeted according to: countries and cities (Russia + CIS, Moscow + St. Petersburg, Kiev);games (all or particular ones);maximum completion rate;rotation period;the sum of virtual currency to be granted; possibility to complete an offer multiple times.
  • 7. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationStandardoralternative?Offers result in:+2050% of income.+1020% growth of monetized users, who, after completing anoffer feels all the advantages of virtual currency and start to pay directly.Simple math: 1/360 turns into 1/306.
  • 8. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationFrom Russiawith loveAdvertisers: must not abuse personal data;we work with users feedback;complete description of the offer.Players:complete an offer only once; virtual currency granted only after completion; IP and ID whitelistening.
  • 9. Offers:the future of alternativemonetizationWantto know morevisit xsolla.com/offersMasha Romanovae-mail: m.romanova@xsolla.comphone: 7-342-257-64-31toll-free in USA: 1-877-797-6552toll-free in Germany: 0-800-181-6296