XLerate Solutions Investor Pitch Template

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XLerate Solutions is a San Diego based strategic marketing and business consulting firm. Here is a deck with do's and don't, success factors, and a template of 13 slides for investment pitches.

Text of XLerate Solutions Investor Pitch Template

  • 1. Investor Pitch How to get a second meeting Ignite Business Growth Brant Cooper David Kaplan www.xleratesolutions.com XLerate Solutions
  • 2. The Goal
    • Use your network to get a 1 st meeting.
    • No one ever received a check at their 1 st meeting
    Your goal is to get a second meeting!
  • 3. Success Factors
    • Quality of Idea
    • Depth of Knowledge
    • Strength of Character
  • 4.
    • Unrealistic objectives
    • Unclear value proposition
    • Half-baked business plan
    • Poor homework
    • Arrogance
    Failure Factors
  • 5. Have This Prepared for the 1 st Meeting
    • 10-15 slide deck
    • 10 Back-up slides
    • Intimate knowledge of your proposed business
  • 6. It Doesnt Hurt to Also Have This
    • Product Milestones achieved
    • A tested business model
    • Evidence that the model can be monetized
    • Customer ROI validation
    • Relevant Board of Advisors
  • 7. Dos
    • Simple, but defendable
    • Talk to the slides in15 minutes
    • Defend vision, but demonstrate flexibility
    • Expose assumptions
  • 8. Don'ts
    • Be unprepared
    • Make claims you cant substantiate
    • Discuss valuation
    • Underestimate competition
    • Overestimate market
  • 9. Deck Template
    • Youre telling a story
      • Change flow if necessary for your story
      • Dont confuse narrative w/ slide content
    • Less is more, especially for each slide
      • Add another slide before inundating one slide
      • But, do you really need another slide?
    • Quick hits nice to have, but not musts
    • Ice, Ice, baby: Concise, Precise, Entice
  • 10. Slide 1 Introduction
    • Elevator Pitch
      • What business you are in?
      • What market do you compete in?
      • What will your business accomplish?
    Quick hit: Significant company milestone or proven metric to date [Slide Objective: Positioning of proposed business in viewers mind]
  • 11. Slide 2 Market Need
    • Whats the pain you are solving?
      • Who is ideal customer?
      • How are they faring without you?
      • What is the pain costing them?
        • Revenue? Expenses? Market Share? Time? Risk?
      • Why is your solution a must have ?
      • How will you overcome the inertia coefficient?
    Quick hit: Personal appeal to viewer; can you evoke personal experience in audience? [Slide Objective: Answer why are you in business?]
  • 12. Slide 3 Your Solution
    • What is your solution to the problem?
      • What is unique?
      • What is your exceptional value to the paying customer?
      • What is your exceptional value to customer influencers?
      • What is the paying customers result after your product?
        • Revenue? Expenses? Market Share? Time? Risk?
    Quick hit: Provide an real life ROI example [Slide Objective: Answer why you?]
  • 13. Slide 4 Technology
    • How does your solution work?
      • In laymens terms, what is your unique mix that produces your claimed benefits?
      • Where do you fit into the existing market ecosystem?
      • How does the product fit into customer processes?
      • What is protected IP?
    Quick hit: Demo or show something compelling [Slide Objective: What is the secret sauce?]
  • 14. Slide 5 Market
    • What is the total addressable market (TAM) [provide data sources]?
    • What is the growth trend?
    • What are other relevant trends?
    • What is the small * niche you will first target and how much is it worth?
    • *Small is better than big.
    Quick hit: Evidence that you can dominate small niche [Slide Objective: What is the long & short term size of the opportunity?]
  • 15. Slide 6 Business Model
    • How does your customer buy?
    • How much will they pay?
    • How will your business scale?
    • Do you have a channel strategy?
    • What are your key performance metrics vs. competition?
    • Where is break even?
    Quick hit: Have real metrics that support model [Slide Objective: How will you make money?]
  • 16. Slide 7 Competition
    • Diagram competitive landscape
    • Where do you fit in?
      • Compare based on customers decision making criteria (Price, Quality, Convenience, Technology, Brand)
    • Re-iterate what you have that they dont
    [Slide Objective: How will you crush competition? Quick hit: Customer quote
  • 17. Slide 8 Go-To-Market
    • What segment are you focusing on and why?
    • Show specific tactics to acquire leads and move them through the pipeline
    • Demonstrate knowledge of buyers process
    • Demonstrate how you will test and validate go-to-market assumptions
    [Slide Objective: What are your tactics out of the gate?] Quick hit: Expose acquisition and conversion metrics assumptions
  • 18. Slide 9 Company Team
    • Team
      • Management team members key strengths and achievements
      • Board of advisor members (if this is a strength)
      • OK to mention needs
    Quick hit: Tie experience to opportunity: why did this team come together for this opportunity? [Slide Objective: Right team for the job?]
  • 19. Slide 10 Financials
    • Realistic financial plan
    • 5 Year estimates graph is a must
    • Define critical milestones
    • Do not copy and paste spreadsheet!
    Quick hit: Expose key assumptions and key revenue drivers [Slide Objective: Realistic revenue projection]
  • 20. Slide 11 Funding
    • How much investment are you seeking?
    • Where will the money be put to use?
      • (i.e. Pie: 35% R&D, 25% Marketing, 15% production...etc)
    • How long will the money last?
    • What specifically have you already achieved?
    • What specifically will you achieve with money?
    [Slide Objective: How much to achieve what?] Quick hit: What will you achieve with this round that will make investors want to participate in 2 nd round?
  • 21. Slide 12 Corporate Development 2009 2010 2011 2012 Strategic Planning Phase I Development 1 st Customer Ship Pilot Test X Customers 2013 IPO Mass Production (I) Project Milestones Financial Milestones Fund Raising (I) US$ 1 M Fund Raising (II) US$ 1.5M [Slide Objective: Development over time] Market Milestones
  • 22. Slide 13 Summary
    • List the strengths unique to your company
    • 3-5 points that you want from your audience to remember when they leave the room
    • Ask for another meeting
    • Leave something behind, e.g., copy of deck
    [Slide Objective: Close!] Quick hit: Leave login to demo/beta
  • 23. About XLerate
    • Business Planning
    • Marketing and sales support
    • XLerate is:
      • David Kaplan, Founder an