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Why road bikes are popular? Road bikes are the racers of the world of bikes, known for their agility and scope for speed. As long as you ride them on level roads, these bicycles make biking a breeze. Most people who buy bicycles in Singapore for mainstream utility go with road bikes. Strengths of road bikes

Road bikes have significant strengths that have propelled it to one of the most popular variants in the market. These bikes now give hybrid and foldable bikes a run for their money. When people buy bicycle in Singapore, they are attracted to road bikes because..

Why road bikes are popular? Looks that make peoples heads turn

Road bikes are by far the best looking variant in all bikes. Their curved handlebars and sporty light framework makes for excellent eye candy. These cycles come in many colors and can be easily customized with flames and other patterns to complement your style. Matching accessories such as headgear is often purchased to add to the effect. Speeds which leave other bikes far behind

When you buy a bike in Singapore, make sure you check out the tires of a road bike. These tires are slim and highly pressurized. The high pressure reduces traction but this does not majorly affect your riding experience on level roads. What you lose in terms of traction is more than made up for by speed. Road bikes reduce the exertion needed on your part to accelerate your bicycle. The gears enhance speeds like they have a mind of their own while a supple framework and pressurized tires support the effect.

Why road bikes are popular? Transporting them is easier than mountain bike variants

Road bikes are much lighter than mountain bikes due to their light frame. You could easily carry a road bike over a rough stretch or into apartments. Considering the attractiveness of the road bikes, you might even have to carry it into your house for fear of miscreants stealing/vandalizing it.

Make sure you purchase a secure lock when buying a bicycle in Singapore. After all, the road bikes are too popular for the street vandals to let an unguarded one slip past them. Road bikes may not be suited to every kind of terrain but for those of us who use our bicycles for regular commutation, they save a lot of time and effort. Road bikes are extremely popular due to working professionals switching to biking as a mode of transport. They are also favored by adolescents for races and performing stunts.

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