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    Why Buy Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

    People love jewelry. They often start with simple adornments, and then get a true interest in the jewelryitself. They learn what works best with their look and their clothes. They dig in even deeper, learning howjewelry is made. They often continue by making their own jewelry and experimenting with different kinds ofdesigns. At this point, they often get a desire to share their designs by selling jewelry. Often, this comes fromthe need to finance the person?s ever-increasing interest in their hobby. Eventually, they consider becominga professional, and distributing wholesale fashion jewelry. Here are some of the reasons to take the nextstep.

    Selling Wholesale Jewelry Allows High Volume Sales

    Many amateur jewelry sellers limit their sales to their own work exclusively, even when they becomeprofessionals. If they establish a name for themselves, then they can charge premium prices for their workand potentially make enough money to support themselves. However, the amount that buyers will spend onjewelry and the presence of competitive jewelry sellers will tend to put a ceiling on the price an individualseller can charge. This will mean that the maximum amount of money the seller can make will always belimited by a combination of the ceiling price, and the number of items he or she can make. In other words,the sales volume will always be limited.

    However, if the seller considers then they no longer have a volume limit. Although the selling price will belower, because the item is no longer branded to the artist/seller and loses some of its uniqueness, thevolume can make up for it.

    When the volume is no longer limited, then the amount the seller makes depends on the quality of thedistribution channel. As the seller becomes better at advertising, getting more customers, and making moresales, the amount of jewelry they can sell in a month will grow and grow.

    Buying Bulk Reduces The Cost

    Making money on volume sales means the seller must reduce the costs of the jewelry as much as possible.The money you make depends on the difference between the selling price, the cost, and the amount of salesyou make. With selling cost determined by the market, and volume limited by the quality of the distributionchannel, the seller can best increase his or her revenue by lowering cost.

    One of the best ways to lower cost is to purchase in bulk. Buying in bulk is the ticket to entry, which allowsyou to use a wholesale outlet. The cost is lower because the risk of selling a group of items is transferred toyou.

    Efficient factories must create in bulk in order to be price competitive. They distribute their products throughwholesalers to retail outlets. The retail outlets mark up the price and distribute them to customers. By buyingwholesale, you bypass the retail markup and get the lower prices. However, you do this by assuming thesame risk as the retailers: the chance to be left with unsold product.

    Avoid Unsold Product

    To sell fashion jewelry profitably, you must control the risk of unsold product. If you are getting a 10%savings by buying wholesale, then you can only afford 10% of unused product, just to break even. Anotherway to look at this is that you should be 90% confident you can sell 100% of the bulk.

    By using these ideas, you can be ready to make money selling .

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