Why Blogs are Important for Businesses

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Blogs allow businesses to communicate with clients and receive valuable feedback.


  • 1. Blogs vs. Websites

2. Blogs allow us to communicate with our clientsDo not shout at your customers 3. One way message Two way communication WebsitesBlogsCorporate image Personal insightsCompany focused Client focusedStrict copyrightLight write upSales orientedEducationalOffice suiteFriendly casual 4. Web pages do not change very often Posts in blogs are published at least once a week Information reflects latest developments andtopics of interest Ideas can be contradictory and evoke dialogue 5. Sites with blogs have more clients Contextual backlinks Clients like getting free advice Blogs build confidence among clients 6. Communicating and conversing featuresBlog + comments section RSS feedLeave a comment 7. People, characters, personal contactsBrian is the founder of BlogEngage and he Tamar Weinberg is a digital and social mediahas several blogs and websites of his own strategist and author of The New CommunityPete Cashmore is the founder/CEO at Mashable.com.Owner of MyBlogGuest