Who is qeuep? Why we are doing what we do and how we do

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qeuep is a service design firm specialized in sales. Helping clients implement and accelerate adoptation of sales framework using Service Design tools. We believe that diversity in the market place contributes to people's wellbeing and happiness. We drive diversity by helping our clients build links between the art and the science of sales.


  • 1.Who is qeuep? Why we are doing what we do and how we do.

2. WE DRIVE DIVERSITY IN THE MARKET PLACE by building links between the art and the science of sales strategy and execution. 3. Buyers Journey Map Recognition of NeedsStage Doing User Feedback Social media and other non-owned channel Web access to value-added information Sales/Marketing direct interaction 4. What is the role of sales? 5. Company unique value Customer needs 6. The final mile separating your company from your 7. What is the role of sales from customers perspective? 8. Its not what you sell, its how you sell 19% 19% 9% 53% Company and brand impact Product and service delivery Value-to-Price Ratio Sales Experience The Purchase Experience Offers unique, valuable perspectives on the market Helps me navigate alternatives Provides ongoing advice or consultation Helps me avoid potential land mines Educates me on new issues an outcomes Supplier is easy to buy from Supplier has widespread support across my organization Source: CEB Sales Executive Council research (5000 buyers organization) Percentage of contribution to customer loyalty 9. Ready to answer three vital questions? Question #1 Do you know the customer needs? At least how to uncover them? 10. Question #2 Do you know the unique value of your products and services. Unique that no one else but you can provide. Ready to answer three vital questions? 11. Question #3 How do you know, as an organization, your sales people ACTUALLY know how to uncover customer needs and address your unique solutions to the needs? Ready to answer three vital questions? 12. Company unique value Customer needs Sales as Service - Service Design Implementation and adaptation require Service Design 13. Sellers Personas Jamison 33 / Male Telesales Ryan 45 / Male Account Rep Celine 40 / Female Major Account Rep SPIN IT Customer Solution SPIN IT Customer Solution SPIN IT Customer Solution Customer Solution SPIN IT Value Efficiency Value Knowledge Value Customer Relationship Pain There are so many process to get things done. Pain People tell me I am old fashion. Everything I need is in my Filofax and I like it. Updating CRM so painful. Pain I am always outside traveling between client sites. Keep the team up-to-date is very challenging. I really dont have time! Strong Strong StrongStrong Neutra l Neutra l Neutra l Neutra l Weak Weak Weak Weak Organization Average The ProfessorThe mood maker The customer queen SPIN is a part of sales transformation project. The organization started implementing SPIN selling a year ago. The customer has strong focus on customer. They believe their solution need to be strongly aligned to customer needs. 14. Seller Experience Map (SPIN) Plan Guiding Principle People choose what they feel comfortable with. Sales call is only one part of sales process. People value tools that is helpful and easy to use. Stage Do Review SPIN Doing Thinking Feeling Opening Investigatin g Demonstratin g Capability Acquiring CommitmentResearch ReviewCall Plan Sellers Journey Call Plan Tool Situation Problem Implication Need Payoff Feature Advantage Benefit Situation Measurable Action Oriented Realistic Time Based Where can I get customer data? How much revenue I can expect? How can I upsell? What solution I can offer? What advance I need to aim at? What questions I need to ask? Do I cover everything? Frustrated that so many tools and processes Great company give me so much information and data point. Frustrated they are not easy to use and re-use Do I have to do this again? What do I do if the discussion goes off track? I am not missing explicit needs? Should I offer solution now? Should I expect more aggressive advance? Asking questions and taking note at the same time is very difficult. Great customer is showing positive rapport Do I capture everything in meeting note? How do I make sure customer follow up? Will manager give me a lot of rework? What if manager ask me to close this earlier to meet Q2 target? Feel great I have advance that I was aiming at. Writing up another report for review is cumbersome. I had a good call but concerned if manager can agree. Meeting Phone Chat Notebook Laptop TabletMeeting ReviewPost Action Send meeting notes to client CRM Update CRM and forecast Follow up Finish any left over due diligence Ongoing, non-linear Linear process Non-linear, but time- based Internet Searches Clients corporate site CRM Forecasting Tool Solution Catalog Account Plan Meeting notes Forecast Email Meeting Notes Web Call Review Tool Review Meeting Internal Tools 15. 20012001 History of Sales as a Service Service Design 1975 Frank Watts developed the sales process dubbed "solution selling" 1984 Mike Bosworth founded Solution Selling based on his experiences at Xerox Corporation 1988 Neil Rackham published SPIN Selling 1982 Lynn Shostack introduced Service Blueprint in the Harvard Business Review 1991 Service Design by Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff Kln International School of Design 1998 Alan Cooper introduced Persona 2001 live|work opened for business in London Adaptive Path opened for business in San Francisco 2011 The Challenger Sales was published from CEB The Lean Startup was published by Eric Ries 2013 qeuep opend for business in Singapore Solution Sales Product DesignService Design 16. kazuya.nakamura@qeuep.com http://www.qeuep.com +65 93271971