Which digital transformation story impresses you more

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Which digital transformation story impresses you more? GE vs Tata Motors

Which digital transformation story is more impressive?GE Vs Tata MotorsCreated its Industrial InternetInvested in creating an open global network of machines, data, and people to generate a plethora of new business opportunities and outcomes-based business models.It focused on providing data synthesis and analysis and designing real-time and predictive solutions to better manage its complex operations.These insights from sensors allowed GE to optimize equipment performance, utilization, and maintenance across its business units.Pivoted to Digital ManufacturingCentralized ERP & CRM platforms and adopted a sophisticated suite of PLM solutions.Allowed it to digitally simulate the factory.This Digital Manufacturing permitted Tata Motors to churn out a wide spectrum of vehicles at lower costs and shorter time to market. It helped create the worlds cheapest car- The Tata Nano.

Uber|Netflix|General Electric (GE)|Walmart|Burberry|Tata Motors|Coca-Cola EnterprisesGE https://hbr.org/2014/11/digital-ubiquity-how-connections-sensors-and-data-are-revolutionizing-businessTata Motors http://www.itbusiness.ca/news/how-it-helped-create-the-worlds-cheapest-car/11424



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