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Common Booklet for DI

1What is Janitors Data Insurance

It is Data Recovery Service

It is Data warranty for your hard disk

It is life for your valuable lost data

Computer without data is plastic and metal junk / bhangar

It is like body without mind, No data No life.

It is Easy, affordable solution for data..

Virus, Backup, Sabotage all phobia overcome with JDI

Data life is at peace and I can concentrate at work

JDI brings back the happiness gives the lost data back

JDI a value added service for my all AMC clients

JDI is complete online registration even child can register

JDI is my personal data bodyguard

It is dabanng it brings back happiness

Janitors Data InsurancePresently all computers, hard disk and digital media is with all kinds of the service MINUS DATA means it gives a service to plastic and metal things only. Data which is life line of the computer is not addressed to.

JDI provide the lost valuable data back.JDI is a DATA WARRANTY FOR HARD DISK

To know the TERMS Conditionshttp://www.janitordata.com/datainsurance/terms.htmlTo know the JDI Priceshttp://www.janitordata.com/datainsurance/price.html

To Register the data Insurance (off line) download the toolhttp://www.janitordata.com/downloadables/Registration2012.zip

Following Slide will show some of our ADVT

Does your AMC service Covers Data Recovery Service ?Do you take regular backup ?Is Your Data Valuable ?Switch to Data InsuranceToday.Do you Need the Great Service at Affordable price ?


98333 48883 or98333 48884 email us at [email protected] visit us at www.janitordata.com