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  • 1. What is Fashion Mode all about? Launching a brand for the first time or deciding to expand your business can be an extremely delicate and demanding process. It is crucial that you are supported by the right people, in order to achieve this goal. Working with Fashion Mode, a team of experienced and well connected professionals, will certainly put you in the right track for success. Today the field of PR has grown bigger than ever, providing a variety of choices amongst PR agencies in London. Unlike other industries, fashion requires a distinctive and multifaceted approach, often failed to be provided. This kind of unique approach, which forms the core philosophy of Fashion Mode, is what will help you maximize your brand's potential. Fashion sales should not be treated as an independent process but rather as the end of a chain supported by a strong base of Communication, Marketing and PR. Well rounded and cohesive services like art direction, editorial placement and event management will be offered to you, tailored to your brand's characteristics. Only by addressing each client separately and adjusting well established strategies to his individual profile, will a healthier, more profitable and long term course be ensured. Innovation, creativity and forward thinking are essential in the fashion industry and an integral part of the PR business. Collaborating with Fashion Mode, you can rest assured that a dynamic team, experienced in fashion branding, will apply these principles to a plan which will help you achieve an outstanding final product. The success and sustainability of your brand is highly dependent on the reaction it receives from a wide audience. Your product should be distinguished from others and be able to stand out. Counter to other PR companies in London, trusting Fashion Mode guarantees that your brand, regardless its size, gets all the promotion and visibility possible, making your products popular and desirable not only nationwide but also internationally. You will be able to focus on the creative part of the production procedure knowing that the marketing and PR department rests in the capable hands of a hard working team. Visit us at http://fashionmode.co.uk