What are Customer Relationship Managers

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What are customer relationship managers such as ACT! by Sage Software?


<ul><li> 1. ACT! 2007 Act! Training Course by Terinea IT Business Solutions</li></ul> <p> 2. </p> <ul><li>Introduction </li></ul> <ul><li>Customer Relationship Manager </li></ul> <ul><li>ACT! 2007</li></ul> <ul><li>Additional </li></ul> <p>Overview 3. What Is Act 2007? ACT! increases the productivity of your team while providing your organisation with scalability, centralised administration, advanced security, and deployment options required to drive your business. www.sage.co.uk/act </p> <ul><li>Contact Management Software Package </li></ul> <ul><li>Allows users and organisations to manage business relationships </li></ul> <ul><li>Tailored to meet your business requirements </li></ul> <ul><li>Designed for small to medium sized businesses </li></ul> <ul><li>The worlds leading contact management software </li></ul> <p> 4. Customer Relationship Manager 5. What is Customer Relationship Manager Relationship Management concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization be it a global corporation with thousands of employees and a multi-billion turnover, or a sole trader with a handful of regular customers. Customer Relationship Management is the same in principle for these two examples - it is the scope of CRM which can vary drastically Business Balls CRM systems enable businesses to actively manage customer relations in an organized and strategic manner. In practice that means developing a company's methodologies, internal operations, software and Internet capabilities to be able to better address customer needs and, as a result, make customer relationships more profitable. Strategis Customer relationship management( CRM ) covers methods and technologies used by companies to manage their relationships with clients. Information stored on existing customers (and potential customers) is analyzed and used to this end. Automated CRM processes are often used to generate automatic personalized marketing based on the customer information stored in the system. Wikipedia 6. Customer Relationship Manager </p> <ul><li>Sometimes referred as </li></ul> <p>Contact Relationship Manager Database Marketing Community Relationship Manager PredictiveAnalytics Customer Intelligence Sales Force Management System Customer Experience Manager Business Intelligence On-Demand Telemarketer Customer Reference Management 7. Other Companies View 8. Information Organisation Without Customer Relationship Manager With a Customer Relationship Manager 9. Act, The Business Platform AWC BUSINESS DATA ACTYour Customers AWC Staff 10. Some Acts Benefits </p> <ul><li>Business data can easily be extracted and represented at different levels </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Managerial</li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Marketing </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Sales </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Allows small businesses to complete multitude of tasks with limited staff levels </li></ul> <ul><li>Share business data easily between co-workers </li></ul> <ul><li>Reduce paperwork and centralise business information </li></ul> <ul><li>Automate tasks and follow up sales prospects</li></ul> <p> 11. ACT! 12. ACT Hierarchy &amp; Features 13. A Closer Look At ACT! </p> <ul><li>Six main screens or components </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Contacts </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Groups </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Companies </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Calendar </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Task List </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Opportunity Lists </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>All of them are interlinked - Several ways of adding a new contact for example </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Under the contacts tab </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>New sales opportunity </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>While adding a new To-do task, etc</li></ul></li></ul> <p> 14. Contacts </p> <ul><li>View Contacts as record or a list of contacts </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Add/Edit/Delete Contacts </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Assign contacts to groups/companies/divisions or departments </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Duplicated Contact, for new contacts within an existing company </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Lookup via anyone field </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Insert a note (Instead of using yellow sticky notes!) </li></ul> <ul><li>Schedule Dialog Box </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Call </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Meeting </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>To Do </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Then send call/meeting/to-do schedule to a email contact (Confirm with customer/colleague) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>New Opportunity Taking a sales enquiry </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Add new a contact </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Define AWC fields under User Fields </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Set the status of opportunity/likely hood of sale/turn round </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Insert user details into third party program such as </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>MS Word</li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>ACT! Word Processor </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Outlook (Email them) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Show Contact Location </li></ul> <ul><li>Secondary Contacts </li></ul> <p> 15. Companies </p> <ul><li>You can view companies one at a time or as a complete list </li></ul> <ul><li>Under each company you can view an related attributes such as </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Contacts (Company employees) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Notes (All notes from all employees of than company) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>History (Journal of events) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Activities (Schedule meetings/calls etc) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Opportunities (Sales) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Documents (Spreadsheets, Word Docs etc) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Addresses (Billing/Shipping) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Company Information (Stats, MD, Account Manager) </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 16. Companies Screen (ii) </p> <ul><li>By inserting a company division you can create </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Departments </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Project Teams </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Sub Companies </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Insert Company</li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Notes </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Attach Files &amp; Documents </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 17. Groups </p> <ul><li>You can view Groups as a Record or Lists </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Add/Remove Groups &amp; Sub Groups </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Add/Remove Contacts/Divisions/Companies to Groups </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Groups can be </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Customers/Employees/Suppliers </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Project Teams </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Managerial Groups </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Potential/Old Contacts </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 18. Reports </p> <ul><li>Reports can be displayed/exported as </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Print Previews </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Rich Text File </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>HTML (Web) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>PDF (Adobe Reader) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Text </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Printed </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>E-mailed </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Can be filtered by </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>User </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Date </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Include additional activities (Calls, Meetings, To-dos, Notes) </li></ul> <p> 19. Report Types </p> <ul><li>Contacts / Contact Directory </li></ul> <ul><li>Phone Lists </li></ul> <ul><li>Activities </li></ul> <ul><li>Notes/History </li></ul> <ul><li>History Summary | History Summary Classic |History Time Spent </li></ul> <ul><li>Contact Status | Other Contact Reports </li></ul> <ul><li>Source of Referrals </li></ul> <ul><li>Group Reports </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Group Membership | Group Summary | Group Comprehensive </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Group List | Other Group Reports </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Company Reports </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Company Membership | Company Summary | Company Comprehensive </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Company List | Company Directory | Other Company Reports </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Opportunity Reports </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Sales Analysis by Record Manager | Totals By Status | Adjusted for Probability | Pipeline Report </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Opportunities By Record Manager | Opportunities By Contact |Opportunities Graph / Pipeline </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Other Opportunity Reports </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>New / Edit Template </li></ul> <p> 20. Report Designing </p> <ul><li>Design custom report from scratch or existing template </li></ul> <ul><li>Insert </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Custom fields </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Graphics </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Tables </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Sub Reports </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Filters </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 21. Calendar </p> <ul><li>You can view events such as meetings and calls by </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Day </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Week </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Working Week </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Month </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 22. Task List </p> <ul><li>The Task List displays </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Telephone Calls </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Video/Conference Calls </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Meetings </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Personal Activity </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Holidays (Vacations) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>To-do </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>You can </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Filter (Priorities/Type/Dates) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Customise the columns </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Duplicate Task </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Jump to contact related/allocated to task </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 23. Opportunity List </p> <ul><li>Your Opportunity List can be display by </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Dates </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Process &gt; Stage </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Probability </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Sale Revenue </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>User </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Statistics can be display as </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Opportunity Pipeline </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Line/Bar Graph </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Manage Product List </li></ul> <ul><li>Manage Process and Stages </li></ul> <p> 24. Additional Features </p> <ul><li>Mini Calendar </li></ul> <ul><li>Convert Group to Company </li></ul> <ul><li>Internet Services </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Service &amp; Support </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Add-Ons, etc </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Annual Events Search </li></ul> <ul><li>Keyword Search </li></ul> <ul><li>Calendar Access </li></ul> <ul><li>Document &amp; File Management </li></ul> <ul><li>Manage (Fields Types) </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Activity (Call/Meeting/To-do/Holidays) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Priorities </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Events (Xmas/New Year/Bonfire Night/World Cup) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Write a </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Fax/Memo/Email/Letter </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Mail Merge (Email/Printer/Word Processor) </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Other Document from templates </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 25. Advance Features </p> <ul><li>Your own fields and tables </li></ul> <ul><li>Layout of ACT! (Design Layouts) </li></ul> <ul><li>Manage Users </li></ul> <ul><li>Password Policy </li></ul> <ul><li>Database Maintenance </li></ul> <ul><li>Convert </li></ul> <ul><li>Synchronisation </li></ul> <ul><li>Handheld Setup </li></ul> <ul><li>Outlook Activities </li></ul> <ul><li>Export to Excel </li></ul> <ul><li>Preferences </li></ul> <p> 26. Additional Information 27. Further Resources </p> <ul><li>How to really understand your customers </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.workscience.co.za/ideas/OE%20redraft%202006%20-%20How%20to%20really%20und%20customers.pdf </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Creating a Relationship Centric Organisation </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.idealware.org/articles/relationship_centric_org_CRM.php </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Wikipedia </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_Relationship_Management </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Sage </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.sagesoftware.com/ </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.act.com/ </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.act.com/products/solutions/index.cfm </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Act! 2007 for Dummies </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470055146.html </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTitle/productCd-0470055146.html </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 28. Credit </p> <ul><li>Definitions </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/internet/inee-ef.nsf/en/h_ee00253e.html </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.businessballs.com/ </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_Relationship_Management </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>Additional CRM Diagrams </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.ajel.com/ </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.inovaware.com </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>http://www.micronetwebsolutions.com </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 29. History of ACT! </p> <ul><li>ACT! Stands for Automated Contact Tracking </li></ul> <ul><li>Act! Was first released in 1986 with version 1.0 for DOS </li></ul> <ul><li>Latest Version is ACT! 2007 (Version 9) </li></ul> <ul><li>Act! Was founded by Contact Software International in 1986 </li></ul> <ul><li>Bought by Symantec in 1993 </li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Purchased by SalesLogix in 1999 </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Currently owned by Sage since 2001 </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>ACT! Competitors include</li></ul> <ul><li><ul><li>Oracle, IBM, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MySAP, SAP etc </li></ul></li></ul> <p> 30. CRM Components </p> <ul><li>CRMs canbe broken down into three key components </li></ul> <p>Enhance Company Relationship with Customer Front Office Operations (sales, marketing, service etc) Interaction With Customers (email, letters, phone, meetings, fax etc) </p>


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