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  1. 1. We Want to Help Your Organization Have Real Impact on Your Business We focus on developing your leaders and educate them to become the connectors and collaborators that YOU need to SUPPORT Growth UKPN Registered Learning Provider No 10039344
  2. 2. The key priority for any organizations today is to nurture and stimulate growth This can be done by - Developing skills - Filling the training gap A positive CQ climate can improve an organizations bottom line by up to 30 %, research has shown that improving the CQ climate can increase overall performance by 70% Lack of Skills is the Number 1 Reason for Business Failure, 2013 Year 1 25 % Year 6 60% Year 2 36 % Year 7 63% Year 3 44 % Year 8 66% Year 4 50 % Year 9 69% Year 5 55 % The Top Two Causes of Failure Incompetence 46 % Lack of Managerial Experience 30 % Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Centre, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee
  3. 3. Does your organization develop your (CRM) Customer Relationship Management to WIN in a global economy? Successful companies Manage effectively across cultures Harness the power of cultural diversity
  4. 4. Have you a determined leadership mind-set? We can support you to develop the ONE skill you cant do without in todays global economy. Study after study shows that business is in need of improved innovation Human Capital Is Your Most Valuable Asset
  5. 5. Your Training and Development Portfolio is essential to support your staff in overcoming the two top reasons for business failure. Many larger organizations have committed to filling this gap, they have identified a need to implement policies to support skills development. This is a now a key requirement to compete in the global market today. In order to thrive in a global economy we need to; Improve your skills Drive culture change Bridge the communication gap Improve your CQ Intelligence Develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  6. 6. How we can help YOU to bridge the gap! We are committed to supporting you improve your business objectives. We want You to succeed.
  7. 7. Cultural Intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. Cultural Intelligence is a skill you can develop with focussed training. We can support you to develop the one skill you cant do without in todays global economy Cultural Intelligence Cultural intelligence, Cultural Quotient or CQ is a term used in business education government and academic research.
  8. 8. Instant benefits for you We bring the experts to you A training programme supporting your desired KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS An online learning tool to support your organizational values No wasted time or risk in creating your own training system All learners are supported through their learning experience Training is internally verified and assessed through our training support It supports your portfolio of evidence towards further formalized qualifications What you will receive This training offers 2 levels of professional certification Gives you both national and international coverage supporting growth in all regions No need to know the training market we provide the specialist trainers, assessors and verifiers Supports your corporate social responsibility by creating business to have real impact while growing stronger learning communities Mentoring and support for your collaborators and communicators to drive culture change Our blended approach supports all learning styles
  9. 9. You will not disarm your foreign hosts, guests, or colleagues simply by showing you understand their culture; your actions and your demeanour must prove that you have already, to some extent, entered their world. A person with high CQ, whether cultivated or innate, can understand and master all situations, persevere, and take the right actions when needed.
  10. 10. Reasons Why CQ Is Imperative ? CQ supports your vision by developing strategic alliance Inspires staff Improves leadership skills Supports shared values Increases motivation Improves cross functional collaboration Increase knowledge management CQ increase you Return on Investment (ROI) Large or small businesses will need to understand cultural intelligence: Cultural Intelligence is essential in building competencies CQ enables the individuals to become more globally aware The knowledge of cultural difference is the key success to business A more diverse team generates creativity and sustainability Your Customers and your Staff are part of the diverse world
  11. 11. We would really appreciate meeting with you to identify your needs We can help YOU to succeed To find out more about Othella LLP https://www.othella-llp.com Call Karen on 0330 0080363 Email: training@othella-llp.com