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Will you donate to save lives?

Using Illustrations to PersuadePrepared by J. Scott Armstrong (details on him at inform Scott about errors and also make suggestions ( has taken these slides from, a site that he founded. That site contains interactive versions of these slides, along with linked references, videos, and webcasts, all in PPT and PPTX format that you can download.

Which Illustration is More Effective for Persuading People?

Explain your answer in writing. Then go to the next slide..Adapted from AdPrin.com2AB

Will you help?Presumably A. To get persuade people for a social cause, show them pictures of individuals. Not groupsSimilar peopleThe key is to get people to identify with those in the illustration..Adapted from AdPrin.com3

EvidenceAvoid evidence about large numbers of people and group shots.

Donations are higher (with social proof than with a simple appeal) only for similar people, and this effect is greater when showing an individual

( Kogut and Ritov 2007 ) For more evidence, see Persuasive Advertising p 69-71 and

Based on this exercise, write a small application step for yourself, and set a deadline, preferably within one week. If you are working with someone else, share your application plan and the results of your application. Adapted from