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  • 1. l Question on Step 1 Il .ll Can ljust use GWT data. ... lll- I think you should absolutely start there,and hitI every single link.But. ... dont think that isl enough. ..l I._

2. Step 2: Stop the Carnage' Immediately cancel any back| inking service you may have employed~ Ask them to remove all links done for you (if possible)- It you have a list of the sites from a report,send this to them. 3. Step 3: Document Your Work- Use Google Docs Spreadsheet We want to show Google the volume of work you've done to x" the problem Sample Spreadsheet to use:https: //docs. google. com/ spreadsheet/ ccc?key=0At3shgQO-6ZRdEprREtkcHVFYktvd1dYUGJie| Zq NlE&usp= sharing 4. Step 3a:Fields to TrackContact NameContact Email Address Website Contact FormTwitter URL (optional)Facebook URL (optional)Google+ URL (optional)Linkedln URL (optional)Date of 1st ContactDate of 2nd ContactDate of 3rd Contact (optional - we choose to do two contacts) Link StatusNotes 5. Step 3b:Show Your WorkJust like in school. ... show your work! - Add an additional sheet to your Qoogle Docs le called Contact Examples. - in here,you can upload images of a few examples of the emails you've sent out to the webmastersyou've been working with. 6. .2;Step 4: Links to Target for RemovalThe site is not indexed in Google.this would indicate a penalty.The site automatically accepts links without any manual review.The site has lots of spam links pointing to it (type the URL of the directory into Open Site Explorer and see what you can nd! ) The site has categories for everything imaginable (cars.holidays,sunglasses.websites.hosting,dresses etc. )The site is obviously part of a network where there are lots of related directories with similar names /similar looking websites etc. - The site contains keywords like best,links.'seo' etc in the name. if the site shows powered by phpLD' or 'PHP Link Directory in the footer,it's most likely going to be a fairly spammy directory.That's not always the case,but 9/10 times.it's most likely true. 7. V Step 4: Slick Tool- Link Research ToolsYour Average Link Detox Risk 8. Step 4a:Links to Target for Removal- Paid Links- Link Networks- Link Exchanges 9. Step 4a:Links to Target tor Removal- Forum Profile links Unless they are obviously quality posts/ content- Blog Comments Unless they are obviously quality- Social Bookmarks - Unless really bookmarked by a real person,kill it 10. Link Research Tools 11. , ; ,;; ~:; IM Step 5: Request Removals 12. L Step 6: Disavow- When all else fails,and youve given it your best effort use the Google Disavow Toolh - Always disavow at the domain level (unless youhave a real good reason not too) ~ Comment your file! https: IIsupport. googIe. com/ webmasters/ answerl 2648487?h| =en 13. M Step 7: Reconsideration RequestT 7- This is where you beg and grovel. ... - This is probably going to be 3-5 paragraphs long. .. T - Should reect all the work you didto x theproblem you created - Should be remorseful Be sure to reference the Google Spreadsheet showing your work! Sample Reconsideration Request I like: h_ttp1// '. =xw~. v.powerecllyysearch. comloooole- reconsideration-request-examole/ 14. _ {TL Step 5a:Best Practices- Try to use the Webmasters name if you can nd it in your requestt - Be nice - its your fault,not his/ hers- Dont hit them up multiple times - Twitter/ Emai| / Phone- Wait 2 weeks before asking them to remove again 15. Sample Disavow File 16. Step 9: Response! P'Vr0Lz5Jy the websparn tearn had taken marual actton on your sate because we belreved rt vrotated our Juan M J. n. >_'-1"w'-< Afterrevremnq yourreconsrderatron request we have revoked thrsmanua acuon It may take some ttrne before our tndekrng and rankrng systems are updated to reect the new status or your SrteOtcourse there may be other rssues Mm your sure that coutd aect rts rankrng wrthout a manual actron by the websparh team Googles computers determrne the order or our search results usrng a senes 01 formulas known as alqonthmsr We make hundreds of changes to our search atqorrthms each year and we empsoy more than 200 derent srqnats when rankrnq pages As our atgorrthrns change and as the web nnctudrng your srter changes some tluctuatron tn rankrng can happen as we make updates to present the best resurts to our users It your srte contrnues to have trouble In our search results please see5 am:2 for heip wrth draqnosrnq the rssueThank you for hetprng us to marntatn the qualrry otour search resutts SrC9f| ) Googte Search Ouatrh Team 17. Simple Best Practices- On-site Optimization - Content Creation~ Blogging - 2 or 3 times a week it At least 1 Blog post with a YouTube video embedded