UC2B - US Ignite Application Summit 2013

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Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband (UC2B) Partner Pitch, US Ignite Application Summit 2013


  • 1. Urbana- Champaign Big Broadband US Ignite Community Pitch Michael K. Smeltzer June 26, 2013
  • 2. What is UC2B? An Intergovernmental Consortium University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign City of Champaign City of Urbana Created to secure ARRA broadband funding $29.4 million infrastructure project Awarded $22.5 million from NTIA in March of 2010 Awarded $3.5 million from State of Illinois - DCEO $3.4 million in local public & private matching funds A Public-Private Partnership The private sector will ultimately provide most services 2
  • 3. What does UC2B provide? 7 fiber-optic rings spanning the community Fiber connectivity & Internet service for 200+ broadly defined Community Anchor Institutions Schools, Public Safety, Government, Medical, Senior Living & Activity, Youth Centers, Social Service Agencies, Public Computing Centers Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) To the curbs of 4,800 homes & 200 businesses In 11 underserved Census Block Groups Areas were determined by a statistically valid door- to-door survey and are primarily low-income Areas had less than 41% broadband adoption 3
  • 4. Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) Last Mile for 11 Census Block Groups We pass 4,800 primarily low-income households We pass 200 businesses in those areas UC2B will only directly sell Internet access Unlimited local Intranet connectivity 1 Gbps symmetric to all UC2B customers and Anchors Tiers of symmetric Internet access 20, 30 & 40 Mbps - $1.00 per Mbps per month TV, phone & other services from private sector Over-the-Top (OTT) video services as well Netflix, Apple iTunes, Hulu, Vudu and others 4
  • 5. An Open Access Network UC2B is an Open Network Shared, community-owned infrastructure Multiple service providers Providers compete on price and quality of service All incumbent service providers are welcome AT&T, Comcast, Frontier, Consolidated & Windstream All competitive providers and ISPs are welcome Pavlov, Volo, Metro, PEG & Champaign Telephone All data is treated the same No preference to any source or type of data Network Neutrality is a grant requirement 5
  • 6. Where we are today 99% of the fiber is installed 1,000 fiber-served locations are live We have 450 yet to connect 61 Additional Anchors - approved in January by NTIA NTIA Grant will expire September 30, 2013 Gig.U Member 2012 RFI for private partner for expansion 500 residential commitments at a minimum of $500 per home for Gigabit Squared (GB2) in three weeks We are talking with GB2 and 3 of the organizations that responded to our RFI 6
  • 7. What can we offer you? As Chip Elliott pointed out earlier Rich history of application innovation NCSA Mosaic - almost code zero for all web browsers Promising future CS faculty working with innovative GENI slicing University Research Park Incubator facility and Fortune 500 companies Private Incubator facility Two Main Street Competing Gigabit Providers Benefit of Open Network 7
  • 8. What else can we offer you? Blue Waters Super Computer Fastest non-military super computer in the country Big Data & Big Computing & Big Broadband = Solutions to Big Problems More than 1,000 local Gigabit customers 200+ Anchor Institutions Growing testbed for new applications A Micro-Urban Environment?? 8
  • 9. A Micro-Urban Environment 9
  • 10. Questions mike@UC2B.net (217) 366-UC2B (8222) www.UC2B.net 10