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  • 1. Who are famous peoplefrom TURKEY ?made by Czech etwinning team

2. Students found out information from theInternet and watched TV documents They explored a lot of new facts They selected the information They chose some photos and wrote simpletexts They enjoyed this activity, it was reallyinteresting topic for them 3. Bergzar Korel Sehrazat EvliyaogluWhen she was young sheplayed in several movies.Then she played in theworld wide successfullysoap opera Thousand andone night. Bergzar hasone son. She likesvolleyball,skating andwindsurfing. Bergzarplayed in movie Sultan too.She is popular in Czechtoo. 4. Metin ekmez Burhan EvliyaogluMetin ekmez is a famous Turkish actor. Heplayed in the world wide successfully soapopera Thousand and one night. He isrelatively old men. He was born in 26 July1945 in Istanbul. 5. Alemitu Bekele DagfaShe is a popular runner.Alemitu Bekele Degfa was born17 September 1977.She is an Ethiopian born Turkishlong-distance runner whospecializes in the 5000 metres.In the 5000 metres she finishedseventh at the 2008 OlympicGames. In the 3000 metres shewon the gold medal at the 2009Eurpean Indoor Championshipsand also competed at the 2008World Indoor Championshisp. 6. Bulent Ersoy Bulent Ersoy is afamous Turkishsinger now she is asinger womanBulent Ersoy. He a changed sex in1981 years. But we dont knowher songs in ourcountry. 7. Orhan PamukThis is a popularTurkish writer .He teaches onuniversity in Columbia.He wrote lots of books.He has got the Nobelprize for literature. 8. Abu Nasr Al-FarabiHe was one of the mostimportantphilosophers in thehistory of Islam. Hespent most his life inBaghdad. His studies ofAristotle and histreatises on logic andnatural sciences haveled followers of Al-Frb to call him TheSecond Teacher. 9. Mustafa Kemal Atatrk He was born as Mustafa Ibn Ali, later know as Mustafa Kemal. He was born on 19th May 1881, and died 10th November 1938 in Istanbul. He was the Turkisch commander and statesman, flunder first president Turkish republic (1923) 10. NAVIN YANIT She is an athlete. She became European champion in 2007 year in Debrecin. She represented Turkey in summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. 11. Abdullah GlHe is the eleventhpresident of Turkey.He was born 29thOctober 1950 inKayseri. He waschairman of theMinistr and Foreign.Hegot married and hehasvtwo sons and onedaughter. 12. Marsel Ilhan Marsel Ilhan, was born in 1987 in Samarkand in this is now Uzbekistan. In 2004 he emigrated to Turkey with his mother and began playing for the Istanbul section Tas por Tennis Club of stanbul. He became the first Turkish tennis player in history to advance tosecond round of Grand Slam singles tournament wa s the first among a hundred players. 13. Rt Reber He is a Turkish footballgoalkeeper who catches a Turkish club Beikta JKand Turkish representation. He participated in the World Cup in 2002. FIFAnamed him the best goalkeeper in the world in 2003. In 2004 itelected to the FIFA 100 by Pel as one of the125 greatest living footballers. 14. Together @ctivelyand cre@tivelyMade by Eva, Michaela, Mike, Krystof, Jacob, Caroline P.,Lenka, Kamil, Martin, Monika, Katy and Caroline H. Czech team have learned more about Turkish famous peopleJanuary 2012