Transforming Compressed Air Applications with Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum pumps are designed to support industries to produce compressed air at low power consumption. Acme Air Equipments provides variety of industry specific vacuum pumps. Suitable for creating continuous compression up to 0.0075 torr vacuum and saves power by 30% and do not require extra cooling gas. Liquid ring vacuum pump works with the help of liquid especially water which forms into solid ring inside the casing and creates centrifugal force. Also know about industrial applications of Two Stage Vacuum Pumps and Oil Sealed Vacuum Technology.

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2. Industrial Usage of Vacuum Pumps at a GlanceVacuum pumps are designed tosupport industries to producecompressed air at low powerconsumption. Acme Air Equipmentsprovides variety of industry specificvacuum 3. Screw Dry Vacuum PumpsSuitable for creating continuouscompression up to 0.0075 torr vacuumand saves power by 30% and do notrequire extra cooling 4. Liquid Ring Vacuum PrincipleLiquid ring vacuum pump workswith the help of liquid especiallywater which forms into solid ringinside the casing and createscentrifugal 5. Two Stage Vacuum PumpsTwo stage vacuum pumps aresuitable when using solvents athigh vacuum levels. It can beapplied to obtain vacuum downto 35mm 6. Oil Sealed Vacuum TechnologyOil sealed rotary high vacuumpump is the most efficient ofall at it can produce variablepressure in single and doublestages 7. Contact UsAcme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd.Plot - 57 / 3, 4, 5, Phase I, B. Road,GIDC, Vatva,Ahmedabad - 382445Gujarat, IndiaPhone:- +91 98240 60792Email: 8. ACME AIR EQUIPMENTS CO. PVT .