Totara 2.5 - Totara and Performance Management

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The slides were used as part of a December 4th 2013 webinar on Totara and Performance Management. A full recording of the webinar can be found at Topics covered include: - Performance Management – goals setting, assessment builder, 360 degree feedback, reporting - Certifications – create time limited Programs of learning and re-certification paths - Audience visibility – make courses and programs visible to specific audiences only - Manager delegation – assign a temporary manager to learners - Report builder - New responsive theme so Totara can scale to any device size; desktop, mobile, tablet

Text of Totara 2.5 - Totara and Performance Management

  • 1. Overview of Totara LMS 2.5Including the Performance Management feature

2. Instructions on how to use audiooptions 3. PresentersLori DaviesTechnical Solutions ConsultantArnet TkachukBusiness Analyst 4. Agenda About Lambda About Totara Poll#1 Demo * Poll#2 Q & A Poll#3 5. About Lambda solutions Implementing open source LMS since 2002 Totara Gold Partner Services offered: Moodle and Totara implementation Managed hosting Moodle and Totara manager training Theme building and consulting Industry leading partners 6. Client 7. a distribution of Moodle 8. Poll #1 Which LMS are you currentlyusing?47%21%7%0%25%MoodleTotaraOther (Saba,PeopleSoft etc.)In-HouseNone 9. Totara 2.5 Demo Please refer to recorded presentation 10. Poll#2 Are you planning on integrating withan existing application (HR system ,CRM,etc)65%35%Yes, Integrate withexisting systemNo, Stand alonesystem (LMS only) 11. Q&A Please refer to recorded presentation 12. Additional Webinars How to effectively use video in online learning Fundamentals of Competency Training Totara LMS for Workplace Learning Designing Engaging Interactive OnlineLearning for Adults Creating a business case for eLearning 13. Complementary TotaraconsultationFor more information visit www.lambdasolutions.netEmail: arnet.tkachuk@lambdasolutions.netOr Contact: 1.877.700.1118