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Top Tips for Professional Recordings

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These recording tips are provided by Holdcoms Audio Production team and contributions from our worldwide voice talent roster.

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Holdcom Voice Talent Roster

The Holdcom Team

Step 1: Proper Equipment

Microphone: Directional Polar Pattern

-Eliminates background noise.

Windscreen: Omits pops that can happen when recording a p or b sound.

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Microphone Directional Characteristics

Step 2: Keep your Audience in Mind

Before you begin writing your script,

ask yourself

Who is this being recorded for?

Think about how your target audience

thinks, sounds, acts, and listens.

What is the ultimate goal for your recorded message?

Script Tips:

- Write your script with a clear message.

- Make your script simple, straightforward, and

easy to understand.

- Know what you are trying to accomplish with

each idea you are writing.

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Script Tips Greatest Hits

How does your audience speak?

Think about regional differences in pronunciation and accents.

For example: Data

Do your customers pronounce it with a short A or long A?

If a client wants a short A, you would write DAT uh. If your business prefers

a long A, write DAET uh in order to direct voice talents on pronunciation.

If a word is pronounced incorrectly, your listeners can become distracted by the sound of the word being mispronounced, steering them away from the intent of the message.

Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | Pronunciation dictionary can determine the right articulation for your businesss recording.

Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for Message On Hold & Telephony Applications

Pronunciation Resources

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Blog: How to Direct Voice Talents for Successful Recordings

Step 3: Record Correctly

-Position yourself 6 to 12 in. away from the microphone.

-Speak directly into the microphone.

-Place your script at the same level as your microphone and just to its side.

-Use a music stand to hold and position your script.

-Print your script on one-sided pages to eliminate paper shuffling, and lay

pages out sequentially.

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Blog: How to Direct Voice Talents for Successful Recordings

Step 4: Smile!

Why Smile? When you smile your voice instantly becomes more warm and likeable. How do I record with a smile?

- Before you record, do something

that will put in a good mood like

watching a funny YouTube video.

- Make sure your mood sticks

throughout your recording. If you

become tired or frustrated take a


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Step 5: Breathe

Breathing correctly is important when recording. Make sure you dont sound rushed or

like you are running out of breath. You want to sound natural and calm in your recording.

- If youre having trouble mastering where to take a breath, record your script once and

listen to it. If you find that a section sounds particularly awkward, see if youve placed a

breath in an unusual spot.

Breathing correctly enhances your voice

Riding your breath, as many producers refer to it, gives your voice a soothing

sound and makes your subject matter sound easy. Dont overdo it, or your

recording might not be appealing to you or your audience.

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Step 6: Pause

Punctuation marks are small but important points in a recording script. Pausing allows you to

slow down your pace and remain conversational and natural.

A properly timed recording will allow the listener the chance to process the information without

the distraction of an unnatural or irregularly spoken recording. Correct pauses will sound natural

and authentic, like a regular conversation.

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Read your script out loud in your head and take note

of where you pause. Mark it on your script to

remind you while you are recording.

Using a pause to emphasize a word can be

ideal when you want to make it really stand

out without having to change the tone of your voice or raise your volume.

Pausing Tips:

Step 7: Speak at the Appropriate Volume

-Let the microphone do the work. It is not necessary to

raise your tone of voice while recording.

to do the sound amplifying.

-Make sure to directly in front of

the microphone.

The microphone may

have trouble picking up your voice and make the editing

process more difficult.

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Step 8: Smooth it Out

If you blend your words together while delivering your

script, you will create a conversational and natural

flow to your recording.

If you speak word-by-word you will sound robotic,

choppy and unnatural.

For Example:

The sentence He is either out of the office,

or with a client can be read as He yiz

eithe routta the officeor with a


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Step 9: Emphasize the Right Words

Adding emphasis to your recording will make it sound more dynamic and interesting.

Which words do I emphasize?

Adjectives- Describing words

Ex.) Our services include a serene spa atmosphere, with

lavish pools, and luxurious accommodations.

Quantifiers- Words that express how many or how much

Ex.) Always, number one, 2.3%

Why do I emphasize these words?

- These words highlight your products and services.

- Two of the same sentences can have a different meanings depending on which

words you emphasize.

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Step 9: Emphasize the Right Words cont.

How do I correctly create emphasis?

Never raise your volume!


Raise your pitch

Pause slightly before or after the words

Lengthen the word.

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Blog: Emphasizing the Right Words for Professional Recordings

Step 10: Edit & Perfect Your Audio File

a. You will need computer software that will edit audio files.

b. Normalize audio levels.

c. Cut out background noise from recording.

d. Eliminate the Umms from the recording.

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File Formats for Message On Hold

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