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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Top Tips for Professional Recordings </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>These recording tips are provided by Holdcoms Audio Production team and contributions from our worldwide voice talent roster. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Holdcom Voice Talent Roster </p> <p>The Holdcom Team </p> <p>Step 1: Proper Equipment </p> <p>Microphone: Directional Polar Pattern </p> <p>-Eliminates background noise. </p> <p>Windscreen: Omits pops that can happen when recording a p or b sound. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Microphone Directional Characteristics </p> <p>Step 2: Keep your Audience in Mind </p> <p>Before you begin writing your script, </p> <p>ask yourself </p> <p> Who is this being recorded for? </p> <p> Think about how your target audience </p> <p>thinks, sounds, acts, and listens. </p> <p> What is the ultimate goal for your recorded message? </p> <p>Script Tips: </p> <p>- Write your script with a clear message. </p> <p>- Make your script simple, straightforward, and </p> <p>easy to understand. </p> <p>- Know what you are trying to accomplish with </p> <p>each idea you are writing. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Script Tips Greatest Hits </p> <p>How does your audience speak? </p> <p> Think about regional differences in pronunciation and accents. </p> <p>For example: Data </p> <p>Do your customers pronounce it with a short A or long A? </p> <p>If a client wants a short A, you would write DAT uh. If your business prefers </p> <p>a long A, write DAET uh in order to direct voice talents on pronunciation. </p> <p>If a word is pronounced incorrectly, your listeners can become distracted by the sound of the word being mispronounced, steering them away from the intent of the message. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p> Pronunciation dictionary can determine the right articulation for your businesss recording. </p> <p>Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for Message On Hold &amp; Telephony Applications </p> <p>Pronunciation Resources </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Blog: How to Direct Voice Talents for Successful Recordings </p> <p>Step 3: Record Correctly </p> <p>-Position yourself 6 to 12 in. away from the microphone. </p> <p>-Speak directly into the microphone. </p> <p>-Place your script at the same level as your microphone and just to its side. </p> <p>-Use a music stand to hold and position your script. </p> <p>-Print your script on one-sided pages to eliminate paper shuffling, and lay </p> <p>pages out sequentially. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Blog: How to Direct Voice Talents for Successful Recordings </p> <p>Step 4: Smile! </p> <p>Why Smile? When you smile your voice instantly becomes more warm and likeable. How do I record with a smile? </p> <p>- Before you record, do something </p> <p>that will put in a good mood like </p> <p>watching a funny YouTube video. </p> <p>- Make sure your mood sticks </p> <p>throughout your recording. If you </p> <p>become tired or frustrated take a </p> <p>break. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Step 5: Breathe </p> <p>Breathing correctly is important when recording. Make sure you dont sound rushed or </p> <p>like you are running out of breath. You want to sound natural and calm in your recording. </p> <p>- If youre having trouble mastering where to take a breath, record your script once and </p> <p>listen to it. If you find that a section sounds particularly awkward, see if youve placed a </p> <p>breath in an unusual spot. </p> <p>Breathing correctly enhances your voice </p> <p>Riding your breath, as many producers refer to it, gives your voice a soothing </p> <p>sound and makes your subject matter sound easy. Dont overdo it, or your </p> <p>recording might not be appealing to you or your audience. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Step 6: Pause </p> <p>Punctuation marks are small but important points in a recording script. Pausing allows you to </p> <p>slow down your pace and remain conversational and natural. </p> <p>A properly timed recording will allow the listener the chance to process the information without </p> <p>the distraction of an unnatural or irregularly spoken recording. Correct pauses will sound natural </p> <p>and authentic, like a regular conversation. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p> Read your script out loud in your head and take note </p> <p> of where you pause. Mark it on your script to </p> <p> remind you while you are recording. </p> <p> Using a pause to emphasize a word can be </p> <p> ideal when you want to make it really stand </p> <p> out without having to change the tone of your voice or raise your volume. </p> <p>Pausing Tips: </p> <p>Step 7: Speak at the Appropriate Volume </p> <p>-Let the microphone do the work. It is not necessary to </p> <p>raise your tone of voice while recording. </p> <p>to do the sound amplifying. </p> <p>-Make sure to directly in front of </p> <p>the microphone. </p> <p>The microphone may </p> <p>have trouble picking up your voice and make the editing </p> <p>process more difficult. </p> <p> Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Step 8: Smooth it Out </p> <p>If you blend your words together while delivering your </p> <p>script, you will create a conversational and natural </p> <p>flow to your recording. </p> <p>If you speak word-by-word you will sound robotic, </p> <p>choppy and unnatural. </p> <p>For Example: </p> <p>The sentence He is either out of the office, </p> <p>or with a client can be read as He yiz </p> <p>eithe routta the officeor with a </p> <p>client. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Step 9: Emphasize the Right Words </p> <p>Adding emphasis to your recording will make it sound more dynamic and interesting. </p> <p>Which words do I emphasize? </p> <p> Adjectives- Describing words </p> <p> Ex.) Our services include a serene spa atmosphere, with </p> <p> lavish pools, and luxurious accommodations. </p> <p> Quantifiers- Words that express how many or how much </p> <p> Ex.) Always, number one, 2.3% </p> <p>Why do I emphasize these words? </p> <p>- These words highlight your products and services. </p> <p>- Two of the same sentences can have a different meanings depending on which </p> <p>words you emphasize. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Step 9: Emphasize the Right Words cont. </p> <p>How do I correctly create emphasis? </p> <p>Never raise your volume! </p> <p>Instead, </p> <p> Raise your pitch </p> <p> Pause slightly before or after the words </p> <p> Lengthen the word. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Blog: Emphasizing the Right Words for Professional Recordings </p> <p>Step 10: Edit &amp; Perfect Your Audio File </p> <p>a. You will need computer software that will edit audio files. </p> <p>b. Normalize audio levels. </p> <p>c. Cut out background noise from recording. </p> <p>d. Eliminate the Umms from the recording. </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>File Formats for Message On Hold </p> <p>Additional Recording Resources </p> <p>Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 | </p> <p>Holdcom's Audio Marketing Resource Library </p> <p>Sound Communication Blog </p> <p>LinkedIn- Audio Marketing|Sound Communication Discussion Group </p> <p>Contact Holdcom </p>