Top 6 Reasons B2B Marketers Should Use Social Media

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A presentation from Spredfast and Mason Zimbler that discusses the top six reasons why social media should be part of the B2B marketing mix.


  • 1.6 Reasons Why B2B Marketers should use social media
    Presented by Mason Zimbler & Spredfast

2. Introductions
Jon Sander
Planner/Social Media Strategist
Mason Zimbler
Twitter: @thejonsander
Jim Rudden
Twitter: @jimrudden
Tweet #B2Bsocial with questions and comments
3. Who is Mason Zimbler?
Technology Agency Arm of Harte-Hanks, Inc.
Extensive demand and lead generation experience
6thlargest direct marketing agency (AdAge)
Hundreds of dedicated digital team members, cross-discipline / geo
B2B marketing expertise
The Aberdeen Group, Mason Zimbler, Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, Trillium Software, Information Arts, Postfuture
4. Setting the Scene
5. In a Nutshell
Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to reach large audiences who are hungry for information and conversation.
But is it the right fit for B2B marketers like yourselves?
6. Yes.
7. Top 6 Reasons Why B2B Marketers should use social media
Unmatched Listening
Leveraging existing digital content
Build a social profile of your audience
Quality over Quantity
Increased ability to track conversions
Cost effective
8. A new social listening and/or analytics tool pops up
every day!
Unmatched Listening
9. 10. Broad Market

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11. Channels 12. Topics 13. Keywords 14. Volume 15. TrendingCompetitive

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28. Voices 29. Cadence 30. FunnelMetrics

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31. Benchmarks 32. Targets 33. Growth rate