Top 10 Tips For Visually Compelling Presentations

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Top 10 tips on making Visually Compelling Presentations for Consultants and Business Executives


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Top 10 PPT Tips for Visually Compelling Presentations1We come to the Rescue of Busy Professionals Who Use Visual Communication

Visit our slide store at and download ready to use PPT Templates. Need presentation formatting help?2Apply Themes and Templates for Visual ConsistencyAvoid Badly formatted slidesAvoid varying fonts and colorsAchieve Visual Consistency with PowerPoint Themes and TemplatesCustomize through choice of colors, fonts and templatesUse customized themes and templates for specific functions or industries to enhance visual appeal.Tip 1: Aim for Visual Consistency3Click here for a range of customized PowerPoint themes and templatesSlide Master is the Foundation of the PresentationContains visual and topographic elementsAchieve consistency through proper usage of the Slide MasterMake universal changes with Slide MasterPreserving the consistency of the Presentation

Tip 2: Use Slide Master for Universal Changes44Dont waste time dragging elements to change layoutUse the change layout option from the top menuTip 3: Change Layouts Quickly55Illustrations are more effective toCreate and sustain interestPresent data and ideas creatively and with clarityAlign multiple illustrations or imagesUse professionally executed illustrations that communicate ideas effectivelyTip 4: Use Appropriate Illustrations6Click here for a wide selection of Editable PPT images and illustrations6SmartArt allows creation of instant, editable graphicsRun-of-the-mill, cliched graphicsResult in loss of audience interestDo not make an impactUse creative and unique graphicsTip 5: Create Graphics with SmartArt7Click here for a range of creative, editable graphics7Avoid slide after slide of textDo not create graphics from scratchTime consuming Does not look professionalPowerPoint enables Converting even a bulleted list into attractive graphicsDo not use generic graphics but look for those graphics which communicates your ideas bestTip 6: Turn Text into Graphics8Click here for a wide selection of Editable Graphics8Make memorable presentations with the clever use of animationFor incremental data points, use a wide variety of animation effectsBut animations have to be simple so as to not distract the audienceUse just 1 type of animation per slideTip 7: Make Presentations come Alive with Animation99Make your pictures stand out by giving them special effectsUse creative but appropriate picturesTip 8: Give Special Effects to Pictures1010Present data in style through customizable graphs and chartsUse specific graphs to suit business needsTip 9: Avoid Flat Bars and Pie Charts11Click here for a wide selection of Editable Graphics11Tables need not be boring gridsUse Table Styles to customize colors and bordersTip 10: Add Table Decorations121213Editable PPT Maps, Business Diagrams and more

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To the rescue of busy professionalsTake your visual communication to the next levelTo the rescue of busy professionalsTake your visual communication to the next level