Top 10 Tasks To Improve Social for SEO

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Social Sharing is going to be critical to SEO in the coming months and years. In this slide deck of my presentation at SFIMA / Pubcon, I cover the most important considerations for getting social sharing implemented properly on your web sites.

Text of Top 10 Tasks To Improve Social for SEO

  • SEO & Social MediaTop Ten Improvements
  • SEO + SOCIAL@AlanBleiweissSocial Yesterday2ndTier ValueSocial TodayEarly Stage Top Tier ValueSocial TomorrowCritical Primary Value
  • Dont Ignore Social SharingOpportunities@AlanBleiweissWheres The Twitter & Facebook Options?
  • Make Social Sharing Intuitive@AlanBleiweiss
  • Sometimes Just EnoughEngagement Options Are Too Many@AlanBleiweiss
  • Not All Social Sharing SitesAre Important@AlanBleiweiss
  • Some Social Sharing Sites AreSerious Overkill@AlanBleiweiss
  • Some Social Sharing Sites AreDownright Scary@AlanBleiweiss
  • Make Sure Automated Tweetsare short enough to RT@AlanBleiweiss
  • No Topic is Too Boring To Share@AlanBleiweiss
  • Social Engagement / ORM TrustSignals Matter To SEO@AlanBleiweiss
  • Want It Shared?Evoke Emotion With Content@AlanBleiweiss
  • Properly AttributeConversions To Actual Sources@AlanBleiweiss
  • @AlanBleiweissSEO + Social SuccessSummaryDont Be StupidUse Critical Thinking
  • @AlanBleiweiss