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Get valuable tips from SEO experts through these blogs. These valuable pieces of information could become the vital bricks that build up your search engine optimization and online marketing campaign.

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  • 1. TOP 10 SEO BLOGS Search engine optimization is quite a hallowed area of building a business. Once mastered, it is believed to open up a treasure box of traffic, rankings, sales and what not. In many ways thats true. But SEO isnt a button you just click to find the answers to unlock your sales potential. Like a martial art it needs to be honed and mastered before it helps you deliver a knockout blow to your competition. Along the way, a few resources could be helpful. So, here is a look at what we consider to be the top ten SEO blogs out there blogs that can help you with a ton of practical

2. Matt Cutts the guru is in town, you just cant help but pay a visit. Googles very own Matt Cutts, popular for his vocal stand and measures taken against spam, has his blog complete with text and great videos that demonstrate what is right and wrong in SEO and how Googles algorithms work. His friendly, conversational style will impress you for sure.Search Engine Engine Land is an important SEO blog with more than 50 expert writers contributing search marketing news and other words of wisdom. Visit it regularly if you want to master search marketing. It keeps getting updated each 3. Certified Knowledge blog features pearls of wisdom from Brad Geddes who has been a successful paid search marketer for quite some time. He provides insight on PPC and Google AdWords and also profiles other giants in the Internet marketing, search and PPC fields who in turn share their precious tips. This is certainly one blog to check 4. Nine by Blue by Blue is founded by Vanessa Fox, former founder of Google Webmaster Central. A respected figure in SEO and search analytics, she has some useful insights abouttechnicalaspectsinrelationtosearchanalyticsandsearchengineoptimization. MOZ blog contains many interesting descriptions of SEO tactics through its continually updated SEO articles. It does look into some thought-provoking matters. It is practical and gives plenty of food for thought 5. Search Engine Roundtable Engine Roundtable brings all the reaction from the search forums. It kind of filters the reactions and brings you the real news and tremors that would make a 6. Traffick, as the name suggests, is a blog that provides in-depth look into the paid search traffic, conversion and the overall industry. It is something you need to check out.Search Engine Journal /This blog has a series of top lists highlighting useful stuff you can use such as SEO add-ons, Google AdWords reports, etc. It also provides insightful industry surveys and in-depth information on various aspects of SEO which is why it earns its place on this 7. Google Webmaster Google Webmaster Central features tips, news and valuable SEO advice straight from Googles traffic increasing site builders themselves. Need we say more?SEO Book blog by Aaron Wall does a good job of presenting the most effective tactics in SEO. His power to glean out the most practical and concrete tips earns this blogs place among the top 8. With these resources you can look to build up a great SEO campaign, and you can definitely benefit from professional SEO services that offer cost-effective and appropriate search engine optimization