Tips to Improve Your Medical SEO Programs to Attract New Consumers

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Text of Tips to Improve Your Medical SEO Programs to Attract New Consumers

  • Tips to Improve Your Medical SEO Programs to Attract New Consumers In the present world, most individuals rely on the internet for any

    information, even healthcare. It is therefore important for every medical

    business to optimize their website to improve online presence and drive

    more customers. Although retaining customers is important, it is also

    essential to concentrate on new visitors. A professional medical SEO service

    provider can assist in optimizing medical websites and help attract targeted


    A recent report from Webloyalty and Conlumino points out that average

    consumers consult at least five channels before making a purchase. This shows

    that people converting are mostly returning visitors. Therefore knowing the

    right content, keyword or phrases and the right off-site targets etc are

    important for improving your business.

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    Following are some key elements to keep in mind when improving your SEO program.

    1. Keywords or service themes

    With advancements like voice search, growth of mobile and increasing

    customer research time, keyword strategy has become a crucial element for

    any website. The keyword strategy should concentrate on customer journey

    till post purchase queries. Tools like and FAQFox help in

    evaluating review sites and scouting social media for product and competitor


    2. Customer reviews and support

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    Customer reviews have a huge impact on the purchasing decision of the

    visitor. Many studies show that 90% of buying decision of consumers is

    impacted by online reviews. It is important to ensure that customer support

    is also optimized. Businesses sometimes use third party support platforms to

    optimize them for search; the site should have FAQs, click to call options etc.

    This will help potential customers to make their purchase decision quickly.

    3. Content marketing

    Creating quality, reliable content about your healthcare practice, expertise

    and services can help draw new patients to your website, while also

    reminding existing patients of your sustained value. Good content helps to

    boost your SEO efforts, enables you to create content for sharing on social

    media, and brings valuable content for consumers to read and associate with

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    your organization. Content forms include blog posts, articles, videos, photos,

    user-generated content, eBooks, whitepapers, SlideShare presentations,

    guides and studies.

    4. Earn links from relevant websites

    While backlinks are important, earned links from high-quality, relevant

    websites have become more important. Such links are earned from the value

    you provide and the willingness of a third party to mention your content. The

    increased importance of earned links has increased the importance of public

    relations in creating, optimizing and placing content that would rank high in

    search engine results.

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    5. Focus on Local SEO

    Local SEO is very important now. Whatever be the size of your medical

    practice, focusing on local is vital when it comes to gaining more exposure

    and patients. Google has improved its algorithms in such a way that when

    someone searches for pain management centres, they want results specific

    to their area. Since implementing local SEO requires some knowhow and

    effort, it is best to utilize medical SEO services. When you focus locally, you

    can concentrate on indexing well in that area where it is most important.

    Your practice will appear in front of local consumers who are most likely to

    become your patients.

    6. Take advantage of social media

    Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and

    LinkedIn can help to spread word of mouth about your healthcare services.

    So make sure that you create a business profile for your organization on each

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    appropriate channel. Dont forget to listen to the feedback from your patients

    because that is what will help you improve.

    7. Your practices identity should be distinct from your


    The identity of your practice should be clear and distinctive. Develop an

    image or logo for your medical practice that can attract more patients to your

    practice. All your websites, blogs, pamphlets and other content used for

    marketing purposes should convey the same messages and services you

    offer. Also, align your messaging and communications with your goals and


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    8. Focus on patients

    Publish content that focus on the interest of the patience and not content

    about your medical practice. For instance, many patients tend to search for

    terms like how diabetes can affect eyesight instead of what makes a

    medical practice best. So optimize your content to suit the need of the

    patients. You can mention about your awards and accreditations too but the

    focus should be on the patient needs.

    9. Offer value while eliminating patients risk

    The offers that you provide should be valuable to your patients; you can also

    provide educational resources such as eBooks about how to deal with

    physical exam or prepare for surgery etc.

    10. Track all your results and change your SEO strategies


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    Keep checking the results of your marketing efforts and SEO strategies. This

    will help you to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and make

    necessary changes accordingly.

    All of the above measures can help medical businesses enhance their value,

    improve online presence and increase revenue. A reliable digital marketing

    company would stay abreast of the latest SEO trends, and ensure that their clients

    rank high in all leading search engines and improve traffic.