Tips For Buying Solo Ads

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Here are some things you should know before you make your next Solo Ad buy. Solos are a great way to get targeted traffic to your offer, just keep in mind these things to look out for. Good communication is the best sign of a good solo seller. If they are willing to answer your questions and are open and honest, that's the sign of an honest solo merchant. Read this report to find out the right questions to ask and how to avoid being another solo ad scammer casualty :)

Text of Tips For Buying Solo Ads

  • 1. Watch the Video Presentation Of This Report At:
  • 2. Solo ads are a good way to get really targeted traffic Easy process to buy a solo mailing You can get a lot of sign ups fast
  • 3. A Solo Ad is where youpay someone who has a list to email their subscribersand "recommend" your offer
  • 4. Solo ads are really HOT right now Very targeted for theInternet Marketing niches Theyre easy to do
  • 5. Now Its A Sellers Market Prices have skyrocketed Overall quality of lists is lower
  • 6. There are solo ad vendorswith great mailing lists, butits getting more expensive
  • 7. They actually work betterwhen you send people to a squeeze page
  • 8. Solo ad sellers usually PREFER it as long as youprovide some type of value
  • 9. Usually solo sellers GUARANTEE a certainnumber of visitors(clicks) to your website
  • 10. You can monetize the listbuilding process by puttingin a One Time Offer/Upsell right after the opt-in
  • 11. But there are a few things tokeep in mind and even some things to watch out for!
  • 12. Youll notice almosteveryone "Guarantees" clicks...
  • 13. That is, Clicks through to the linkyou give them in your email "swipe copy"...
  • 14. Your swipe copy refers to the email you give the solo ad vendor to send to their list
  • 15. Your solo ad swipe should be pretty short and to the point Not trying to sell the product Just trying to get them to clickthrough the link
  • 16. Hopefully, theyll use what you give them
  • 17. But lots of times solo advendors wont use your swipe at all...
  • 18. So what happens is...Instead of sending out YOUR swipe, they send out a very GENERIC swipe like:
  • 19. "Hey, Here is a fantasticresource for you, Click The Link Below"
  • 20. And your link gets added into some link rotator software with a bunch of othermarketers links so they cansell more solo ads all at once
  • 21. They send you traffic, butnow its very untargeted...
  • 22. They may even send traffic from sources other thantheir own lists like safelists and traffic exchanges (JUNK Traffic!!)
  • 23. Remember, they guarantee clicks, not conversions
  • 24. Sometimes theyll send you a bunch of Exit Pop traffic... Which is TOTALLY Untargeted!
  • 25. Yes, they are into Internet Marketing in general so your offer might still interest them
  • 26. BUT they werent looking for to solve that specific problem at the time they saw your offer
  • 27. When people read your swipe email and click throughYou know theyre interested in solving that specific problem (Most of the time)
  • 28. Sometimes they dont use your swipe so they can jamyour link in with three or four other marketers all together in one email
  • 29. So theyre selling many solo ads at once, by only sendingONE email to their list (IF they even send it to their list)
  • 30. Even worse, your clicks could come from subscribers thathave just opted in to someone elses squeeze page And are being offered extra "bonuses" on a thank you page or in a follow up email message
  • 31. And you end up being "bonus link #3" out of the four "bonus" links on someones Thank You Page!
  • 32. Yikes!
  • 33. The result is you getcompletely untargeted peopleclicking through a "blind" link that just says "bonus #3" (or something similar)
  • 34. They dont even have ANY clue as to what your offer is until they click through and see it
  • 35. And those count as the clicksthat you bought from the solo ad seller!!
  • 36. They might even opt-in because your offer looks "interesting" or whateverBut they werent specifically looking for what youre giving away
  • 37. They just happened across it and said, "ok" because it doesnt cost them anything
  • 38. And this traffic ALWAYSconverts below average...
  • 39. Also, they may have alreadyhad to optin to AT LEAST one squeeze page offer before they even get to yours!
  • 40. Believe it or not, its all considered to be NORMAL,Standard Operating Procedure for solo ad sellers
  • 41.