Things i've learned about writing for business and sales (6 10)

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  • Some things Ive learnedabout writing for business and sales


  • 6.Dont tell me: show me.

    People are sceptical: unlikely to believe anything you say about yourself. Rather than make claims,

    provide proof: testimonials or case studies that demonstrate that you are as good as you say, and

    do deliver what you promise.

  • 7.A proposal is not an isolated event,

    but a critical part of a larger process.David G Pugh and Terry R Bacon

    If you have no existing relationship with the prospectunless they already know you and have shown interest in buying from youyou are more than likely wasting your time putting in a bid. A proposal doesnt begin the process of gaining a

    new client, it concludes it.

  • 8.I would not give a fig for the

    simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity

    on the other side of complexity.Oliver Wendall Holmes

    Everything is complicated and people dont read. And so, the creative taskalwaysis to make

    things simple. Oliver Wendall Holmes challenges us to do so without dumbing it down.

  • 9.Art edits down complexity and helps

    us to focus on the most meaningful aspects.

    Alain de Botton and John Armstrong

    Art shows us the way. Artists make choices about what to leave in and what to leave out, about which details must be

    shown and which are unnecessary. They make a distinction between being honest and being correct. They focus on the authenticity of the

    work as a whole: how effectively it communicates.

  • 10.The human species thinks in metaphors

    and learns through stories.Catherine Bateson

    Business writing may be a dialecta version of the language used in a particular contextbut it

    remains a human interaction. The less formal it isthe more personable is itthe greater chance it will have of making a connection with the reader.