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  • 1. The Top 7 Social Monitoring Tools and How To Use Them

2. We live in a world where there areliterally thousands of third partymonitoring tools that you can use foryour social strategy. 3. Each of them adds something to the mix, whether its link tracking, or helping your fans comment moreoften. Today, we explore the top 7, and how you should use them to enhance your social media marketingcampaigns. 4. #1: The Disqus Comment Plugin 5. The first time we ever saw the disquscomment plugin in action, we wereblown away. Its a really handy littlecomment plugin, that allows all of yourcommenters to have a portable profile,that they can use on any disqus plugin.Your readers can also choose to sign in with their Facebook, Twitter or email accounts for added social exposure. This is a must have on your blog! 6. #2: Socialmention 7. Socialmention is one of thosemonitoring tools that never gets old. Ifyouve been looking for a way to keeptrack of who, what and where yourbrand is being talked about then this is the tool to use. Just punch in yourbrand name and socialmention searches the net for mentions. 8. Youll also get stats based on publicsentiment, like whether feedback ismore positive or negative, and what your top keywords are. 9. #3: Google Alerts 10. Google Alerts is the fastest, easiest way to be notified about certain keywords in your niche. Set upnotifications for your brand name orbusiness, and youll be able to seewhat is being said about your brand.To set up a notification, simply enterthe keywords in the news search bar,scroll down and click create an emailalert. 11. #4: Radian6 12. in on conversations that are being hadabout your brand online. Then, it shows you how you can improve yoursocial reach. Radian6 is a paid service,and costs about $600.00 per month, but the insights are worth it, if youknow what to do with them. 13. #5: StepRep 14. StepRep is a wonderful analytics program that tracks what is being said about your brand online. It stores details and compiles analytics for youto view, so that you can make changes to your social strategy. You can eithersign in to the StepRep site, or get emailreports on your progress. Once loggedin, StepRep analyses your brand mentions, based on their analytics algorithm. There is a usage fee. 15. #6: Hootsuite 16. We cant have a social monitoring listwithout Hootsuite. The universallypopular social media dashboard is also an excellent monitoring tool. Itprovides you with integrated stats based on brand alerts, and suggestshow to improve your visibility. It works best when you buy the VIP package. 17. #7: HowSociable 18. If you need a quick and easy rundownof your brand mentions, useHowSociable. It provides you with alist of metrics that you can then use to tweak your campaigns. Once you getthe overall score, you can see who has been saying what and the platforms that need more interaction. 19. Social Media Marketing University(SMMU) is the creation of John Paul Souza, a serial entrepreneur whos held senior managerial positions at Banc America Capital ManagementGroup and JP Morgan Chase. Servingmarketing professionals, 20. entrepreneurs and corporations,SMMU differentiates itself by offeringhands-on training from hands-onexperts who are actively applying their skills on real-world projects. 21. SMMU was recently honored as one of the top 5 finalists by the leading blogsite, Mashable, as one of the topprovider of social media services forbusinesses. The firm has earned the title of "most trusted social media firm" with over 900 unsolicitedtestimonials. 22. For more information about socialmedia webinars and social mediaonline courses, please visit