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The thinking behind development of a platform for informal learning and work


<p>How We Developed a Social Network Learning Platform</p> <p>Jay CrossJane HartHarold JarcheClark Quinn</p> <p>INATT</p> <p>ChallengesContextNature of learningArchitecturePrototypes</p> <p>How We Developed a Social Network Learning Platform</p> <p>1970</p> <p>2008</p> <p>Unpredictability</p> <p>Volatility</p> <p>Pace</p> <p>Interdependence Intangibles</p> <p>Cycle timeCollaboration</p> <p>Density of connections</p> <p>Leveling</p> <p>Work as improv</p> <p>FlowCollective intelligence</p> <p>Services</p> <p>Informal Learning 2.0 book project</p> <p>Phase ChangeIndustrial culture to network culture</p> <p>End of Age of Stuff</p> <p>Cogito ergo sumMaterial worldWYSIWYG, one realityIt is I.More than demise of industrial eraNewton just a summaryFocus on the visibleWorld is mechanical, predictablePre-atomic, pre-quantumBelief in fundamentals, absolutesSome stuff is finishedWe are nodesLearning to do stuffPrograms</p> <p>Beginning the Age of Connections</p> <p>Perception is realityTherefore, many realities out thereEverything is connectedWe are all in this together.Everything is relativeEverything flowsIts all connectedWorld is complex, outcomes uncertainAll is a work-in-progressTime as a artificial overlay, i.e. a tennis racketDitto ownership (since things are a figment)We are connectorsLearning to be (take new vantage point)Platforms</p> <p>n = 235</p> <p>n = 235</p> <p>IBM Global CEO Study 2008</p> <p>The Enterprise of the Future is capable of changing quickly andsuccessfully. Instead of merely responding to trends, it shapes andleads them. Market and industry shifts are a chance to move aheadof the competition.</p> <p>The Enterprise of the Future surpasses the expectations of increasinglydemanding customers. Deep collaborative relationships allow itto surprise customers with innovations that make both its customersand its own business more successful.</p> <p>The Enterprise of the Future radically challenges its business model,disrupting the basis of competition. It shifts the value proposition,overturns traditional delivery approaches and, as soon as opportunitiesarise, reinvents itself and its entire industry.</p> <p>the Enterprise of the Future</p> <p></p> <p>What do CEOs want?</p> <p>Them.</p> <p>context</p> <p>Internet valuesConnectionsOpennessTransparencyAuthenticityInteractivityLoosely coupledInteroperability</p> <p>Network effectsDense interconnectionsAccelerating cycle timeInterdependenceVolatilityLong tailAmbient findabilitySignal:noise</p> <p>Business contextCore/contextObject orientationBottom-upCustomer voiceUnpredictableIncessant changeServices/intangibles</p> <p>KnowledgeCollective intelligenceSocially-constructedContext-boundBreakdown of disciplinesGroup phenomenonSocial intelligenceCognitive breakthroughs</p> <p>LearningInformalAdaptationBecomingKnow-whoDrip feedNeed-drivenPerformance support</p> <p>WorldviewEmergenceIllusion of controlHolisticPerpetual betaEverything flowsAll is connectedProcess</p> <p>23</p> <p>Enterprise 2.0</p> <p>Enterprise 2.0</p> <p>Strength of relationship</p> <p>Potential benefit Web 2.0 example What is emergent?</p> <p>Strong Collaboration, productivity, agility</p> <p>Wiki Document</p> <p>Weak Innovation, non-redundant, information</p> <p>Social networking software</p> <p>Information</p> <p>Potential Efficient search, forming links, network bridging</p> <p>Blogosphere Team</p> <p>None Collective intelligence Prediction market Answer</p> <p>Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business School</p> <p>Science</p> <p>Organicfood</p> <p>Art</p> <p>Cowboys</p> <p>Coca Cola</p> <p>Join unfamiliar idea nodesThe weaker (more distant) the tie, the bigger the impact of </p> <p>bringing nodes together.</p> <p>The more idea nodes in your hip pocket, the more likely you will create (bump into) innovation.</p> <p>My life as a node</p> <p>idea space</p> <p>Nature of learning</p> <p>For example: learning to talk learning to crawl learning your ABCs learning to fear the number 13 learning to meditate learning to speak French learning the way to the store learning who to trust learning with my pal Sally learning how to sell learning Ruby on Rails learning where the answers are learning to negotiate learning to play piano learning to rollerblade learning to taste wine critically learning to cook bread learning to lead effectively</p> <p>Learning is adaptation. Flexibility, self-efficacy, fit.</p> <p>Learning is preparation for innovation. Future fit.</p> <p>Learning is knowing how to perform. </p> <p>Ways people learn</p> <p>individuallydiscovery, sensingtrial &amp; error, experimentationcuriosity to complete patternsself-service by reading, searching, askinginquiryfeedback</p> <p>with othersmimic, copy, modelconversation, co-creationnew perspectiveadviceengagementteaching othersacculturationexposure, t.v., lecture</p> <p>multipliersanswersunderstandingbetter jobstatus in grouppride in accomplishmentself satisfactionfeedbackhealthparticipation skillslearning skillsaccessnoveltyobvious relevance </p> <p>emotionallypersuasive reference grouppositive feedbackadopt beliefs of trusted personbrainwashing</p> <p>Acting Reflecting</p> <p>Knowing (distributed) knowledge</p> <p>Sponsor Group24/7 helpcoach</p> <p>peer supportsubstitute for user meetingslearn from/with otherspositive reinforcement</p> <p>Selfhealthy self imagemaintain connectionsever alert to temptationsbehavior congruent with values</p> <p>Family &amp; friends</p> <p>partnership, not co-dependenceunderstanding &amp; educationmaintain hopehelp one another</p> <p>Social Learning Ecology</p> <p>Learning as needed</p> <p>Wiki</p> <p>mentor</p> <p>observes hot-shot</p> <p>water cooler</p> <p>calls help desk</p> <p>tries &amp; fails</p> <p>teammates,colleagues,</p> <p>experts</p> <p>performancesupport</p> <p>Management sets strategy &amp; values</p> <p>formal learning</p> <p>ArchitectureAugust 2008</p> <p>Work Learning</p> <p>Learning</p> <p>Work</p> <p>1. Common rules for connection.standards,protocols</p> <p> lingua franca, mash-ups, </p> <p>plus-and-play</p> <p>2. Its everywhere,pervasive</p> <p>3. Contains loosely-coupled, reconfigurable</p> <p>networks</p> <p>Platform</p> <p>A learnscape is the platform where knowledge workers collaborate, solve problems, converse, share ideas, brainstorm, learn, relate to others, talk, explain, communicate, conceptualize, tell stories, help one another, teach, serve customers, keep up to date, meet, forge partnerships, build communities, and distribute information. Learnscapes are where and how modern work is performed.</p> <p>Clark Quinn</p> <p>eLearning Strategy</p> <p>Clark Quinn</p> <p>Performance Ecosystem</p> <p>Harold Jarche</p> <p>Jane Hart</p> <p>Prototypes</p> <p>Hosted collaboration platform Pre-configured. Ready-to-go. Turn it on with no intervention from IT.Latest Web 2.0 tools. Fully Open Source.Includes policies and guidelines for use100% confidentialEasy entry into interactive web Test-drive community apps</p> <p>Learnscape planning</p> <p>Personas</p> <p>Potential usersProject groupCustomer communitySales teamNew product launchCommunity of practiceAny group from 3 to 150 members</p> <p>FunctionsSocial networkingExpertise locationProject coordinationFAQ Conversation spaceChat roomsShare photos, video, filesSwap best practices,Share competitive informationSearch member profilesSubscriptions to breaking newsAdd social dimension to work groupsKeep everyone on the same pageEvent listingsReal-time activity stream</p> <p>What are you working on right </p> <p>now?</p> <p>Anybody know someone at PGE?</p> <p>Swap NY apartment for flat in </p> <p>London this July.</p> <p>Who can help me with a glitch in at </p> <p>Excel file?</p> <p>Beer bash in the courtyard this Friday </p> <p>at 5:30 pm. </p> <p>Join a live chat about the competitions new offering </p> <p>this Tuesday afternoon.</p> <p>Arnies killer sales pitch is </p> <p>available on the Team Cell site now.</p> <p>Steve Martin is hosting this years </p> <p>annual sales meeting!</p> <p>How do we sell against Oracle?</p> <p>BenefitsStarter-kit for web-enabled teamsPre-loaded with prudent policies for useNo programming requiredFoundation social networking application</p> <p>Think of Team Cell as your private cloud, a secure spot that provides your team the benefits of social software, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, YouTube, Flickr, bulletin boards, subscriptions, news feeds, chat rooms, private email, search, groups, and tags. </p> <p></p>


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