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The One Persona

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We develop a persona for our target audience, the people we want to attract. This needs to happen to help better develop our brand personality. A persona needs to be created for the exact target audience. You need to visualize what your customer does throughout their day and how your brand will be intertwined. By establishing your persona, your brand's personality can be identified and associated in the best possible way with your target audience.

Text of The One Persona

  • A presentation by Crafting the Perfect Personality for Your Brand
  • We all have that ideal partner tall dark handsome
  • Which can take a lifetime to find this person
  • And during our search we create a persona
  • partner we want to attract We create a profile for that
  • ideal profile +blue eyes +great smile +owns two dogs +conscious of environment +takes public transportation +loves food
  • We create a story for their profile wake up at 7 a.m. take the dog out makes a bowl of cereal changes into business suit takes L line to work and so on
  • The point is
  • As a brand, we do the same thing.
  • We create a persona for our target audience
  • We need to know the people we want to attract
  • exact target audience persona +loves the smell of oranges +lives in suburbs near a park +owns pets that shed +scared of dirt +drives a Nissan Rogue-esque car +hates a dirty house + +stay-at-home mother +always busy running errands +has only 10-15 minutes to clean
  • Target Audience +Customers daily routine +How your brand will be intertwined
  • Youre going to spend the rest of your brands life with its persona
  • Whats their persona? These are necessary topics that need to be discovered to discover your ideal persona + Demographic Information + Job/Level of Seniority + Daily Tasks + Challenges + Values + Source of Information
  • So
  • You need to make sure you can commit and be serious about your new relationship
  • + Ins and Outs + Secrets + Then achieve a meaningful relationship The only real way of knowing a persona is to know its..
  • Build your brand to greatness and elevate it above and beyond its competition! : We elevate meaningful brands so that they can elevate the lives of those they serve.

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