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Orientation is a key part of introducing new club members into the organization, especially a toastmaster club. It eases the transition for the new club member into the club and also learn more what Toastmasters has to offer. It is important to cover the values that the organization believes in so that everyone is on the same page. It shortens the learning curve for the new member in learning about toastmasters and builds positive relationships.


  • 1. By Tamar Clarke, DTM July 25, 2009 1
  • 2. Purpose Covering the basic program and manuals Structure of the organization Toastmaster values Toastmaster calendar Initial mentoring/guidance Meeting protocol and club policies Wrapping it up 2
  • 3. Getting to know the new toastmaster Finding out what they need Showing them how Toastmasters can help them with their personal and professional goals; what Toastmasters can offer them Explaining what our expectations are Eases the transition for the new member into the club Promote a positive experience for both the club and new member 3
  • 4. 4
  • 5. Club level Area level Division level District level Regional level 5
  • 6. Respect Integrity Strive for excellence Service to others 6
  • 7. Six month or 12 month calendar for officers Six months for clubs that meet weekly 12 months for clubs that meet biweekly Dues are on a six month schedule April 1 thru September 30 October 1 thru March 31 Contest schedule Fall has the Humorous and Table Topics Contests Spring has the International and Evaluation Contests 7
  • 8. Cover the icebreaker speech Cover what topics to select Talk about things you know a lot about Which topics to avoid The three Bs (Bathroom, Bedroom, Bar) Politically sensitive topics Avoiding negative issues about people 8
  • 9. Sample speeches Icebreaker Advanced speech Organization speech chart Speech tips Mentoring program Attendance Is this club location and time suitable? 9
  • 10. Signing up for meeting and speaking roles What to do if you are unable to fulfill a role Doing one speech a month Club policies Three speeches before being an evaluator Five speeches before being a TMOD or TMOE Club website (if available) 10
  • 11. Promotes long term club membership and club health Promotes a better learning experience and member growth It is an enjoyable experience getting to know new toastmasters You want the toastmaster experience to be a pleasant and rewarding experience for both the club/organization and the new toastmaster member. 11
  • 12. For more questions, my contact information is: Note: Updated Contact Information 9/27/2013 In District 36, Region 7 12