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This is the story of Greatist, one of the fastest growing, highest quality, and most fun health and fitness websites out there.

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2. Once upon a time (or two years ago), Derek was trying to get healthy. He tried everything, read everything, and no matter where he turned, he felt like no one was on his side. How could it be that no one had built a brand that people could trust and get the information they need to improve their health? Let us explain... 3. Six pack abs in six weeks riiiiight. Slideshows Of Unrealistic Goals Heres what was (and is) out there: You want me to drink how much muscle milk? In-your-face ads. Oh right, organotin compounds. Duh. Confusing Scientific Studies Why does every site think I have so much belly fat? Do I? Intimidating Body-Building Forums. ...yeesh! 4. Many websites focus on perfection instead of whats healthy and realistic for you. The result? Readers feel guilty about their failures and get down on themselves for their imperfect bodies despite endless tummy tucking/butt firming/muscle defining tips and tricks. and heres why it doesnt work: 5. So Derek decided to build something different: (hi Derek!) DEREK FLANZRAICH ceo & founder of Greatist. living the life we champion. fan of theme parks & theme bars. 6. And that thing was Greatist: 7. Greatist is honest and open when it comes to health and fitness. We are: We talk to our community as a trusted, healthy pal. We use nitty gritty scientific studies, but in a tone that is fun and easy to understand. We realize being healthy isnt about being perfect. Its about finding what works for you. Legit Friendly Fun 8. But dont just take our word for it... see for yourself! Relate- able Fun Legit 9. Check out that growth! #bowchickawow And it looks like were doing something right 10. Early successes aside, Derek was still frustrated that readers flocked to content claiming six tips could lead to six pack abs in six weeks. The worst part: readers seemed to believe these six pack abs led to happiness. 11. So he decided to see for himself.... Today is Day 1 of my so-called #absperiment. The plan is to accomplish six-pack abs in six weeks without any tricks, torture, or Twizzlers. [...]to nd out what, if any, sacrices there are and if they're worth it. 12. SO HE DECIDED SCREEN SHOT ...and he got em. (count em!) 13. People got it. They understood that if you want six-pack abs, you can get them. And that getting there will suck. And that once you have them, nothing changes. And that in the end, being happy isnt looking in the mirror and seeing a six pack its about feeling better about yourself. LESSON LEARNED 14. It wasnt about the six-pack. So what is it about? Turning health into a lifestyle. One choice at a time. So you can find your happy. 15. Weve built both the place and the community for people to find their journey to healthy. 1,000s 3 million 350K+ articles followersmonthly readers 16. What it means to be a #greatist TWEETS AND QUOTES Can we just marry @greatist for sharing this line up? THANK YOU! 17 guilt-free #nutella #recipes (Oh yes they did) Feng Shui for your desk? Who knew. Going to try this today. @greatist @jwblvins @HackneyPlastic I realized theres a whole other I never fully grasped. aspect [to health] that You guys are great people & great educators. I cant wait to wear my Greatist t-shirt and tell people about how I found [the site] I admire your core values & mission to help- ing others live a more healthy, happy, and active life. Greatist is just what I needed! and this is what theyre saying: 17. sasdfAasdfasdsfad So here we are, two years later ...and this is just the beginning 1 Webby Award (Runner up to WebMD for Best Health Website) 20 people in New York City HQ 10+ syndication partners (Huffington Post, Washington Post, USA Today!) (We have the same cleaning lady as Renery29!) 18. THE END (for now)