The Future of Work - Serial Monogamy, Speed Dating, Commitment Issues

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There's nothing like the thrill of a new relationship, and a rising generation of star talent likes the rush a new job brings. In today’s workplace everyone is an entrepreneur and employee/employer relationships are switching from everlasting to in-the-moment. Employees are hyper connected and always positioning themselves for a potential next big move. But instead of looking back at what once was, they’re embracing this new honest style of employee. Hiring managers have begun to develop new strategies for harnessing that energy for the short term, and crafting recruiting tactics to constantly be in touch with a large pool of talented individuals to easily replenish their ranks or grow. They want to get their hands on the talent while it is up for grabs, and are not married to the idea that it needs to last forever. Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite, will present industry statistics which reveal how serial monogamist employees can actually fuel a company’s growth and innovation. Dan's post about his experience:

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