The beautiful things numbers can tell you about social media

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An Australian centric look at the social media landscape, plus some insights the numbers tell you useful for developing social media strategies. A presentation I gave at the Beauty Directory Digital Seminar in July 2011.

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  • 1. The beautiful things numbers can tell you about social media
    Beauty Directory Digital Seminar
    26 July 2011

2. Australians love social media
Most prolific users in the world
Over 10 million tap into other consumers opinions
Nearly 6 million connect with brands & organisations
Roughly a third use social media every day*
Social media brands are consistently amongst top 15 sites visited by Australians
3. Australiansocial media landscape is less complex
Unique Audience
Source : Nielsen NetView April 2011
R.I.P MySpace
20% ahead of nearest social platform
Not on the radar
Source : Nielsen NetView June 2011
4. 72% of people in their 20s use social media at least most days
70% teenagers use every day
64% people in their 30s use at least weekly
The youngeryou are, the more frequentlyyou use social media
Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2011
5. Its tough for brandsto stand out amongst the crowd of friends & family
Social media users average 217 friends
The younger you are the more friends you have
Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2011
6. The future of social media is mobile
Social mobile has doubled, now at
42% of all online Australians and a
whopping 74% of 16-24 yrolds
Source: Nielsen Online Consumer Report , March 2011
Social Media Report 2011
7. Get ready for the Mobile web
of all Google searches in Australia are conducted on a mobiledevice
Its not just social that is going mobile
Predictions that 50% of all access to the internet will be via mobile device:
2014 predicted by Commscore
2013 predicted by Google
2012 predicted by Morgan Stanley
8. 93% use social media to connect
with family & friends
Youth are most likely to connect with a brandor business
Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2011
9. You need to design experiences that deliver tangible value in return for your audiences time, attention, endorsement & sharing
Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2011
10. Facebook dominates

  • Used by 97% of social media participants

11. Stickiest member community with active reach of 67% 12. Average time per person 7hrs, 20 minutes p/monthSocial Media Report 2011
13. 6.6 million Australians check Facebook daily
Source: Facebooks head of Agency Relations, Sarah Personette
14. The averageage of an Aussie on Facebook is 30
Approximate age breakdown

  • 21% are teenagers

15. 32% in their 20s 16. 21% in their 30s 17. 14% in their 40s 18. 8% in their 50s 19. 4% 60 yrs +Data compiled by AmodiovalerioeVerde from Facebook Ad Platform
20. Bigger fan bases mean better results
501fans is the tipping point
21. Facebook News feed is the holy grail
22. Engagementis vital for visibility

  • Photosget most visibility, followed by videos, links & status updates

23. Posts manuallyto get a higher EdgeRank score 24. Timing is key monitor & learn to find your engagement sweet spot. Youll get half the Likes youll ever get in first 1hr 20 mins. 25. Balance your frequency. Post too often & youll annoy people. Post to infrequently & you are invisibleFor more info on Facebook NFO read my blogpost:
26. Reasons people unlike brands on Facebook
ExactTarget |
27. Over 60% of people under 50 read online reviews or blogs
Males moreengaged with blogs
But only 24% will ever
post reviews or blogs
People read an average of 6 blogs before making a purchase decision
28. Blogs areunder-utlisedby Australian business
Whilst 50% of
large businesses have a social media presence,
only 25% of them
maintain a blog
Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2011
29. The more frequentlyyou blog, the more traffic& the more customersyou will get
Businesses that post dailygenerate 5x more traffic than those that post weekly or less
TIP: Post as frequently as feasible to outpace your competition & see great results.
30. I wonder how Australian businessis using social media?
31. Most of the budget is going towards advertisingon social sites & maintaining a Facebook page
The portionof the marketing budget allocated to social media is growing
During 2010
of participating businesses allocated 10% or more of their marketing budget
Allocated one fifth (20%) of their marketing budget to social media activities
Neilsen | Community Engine Social Media Business Benchmarking Study 2011
32. Healthy level of effort into monitoring & participating inconversations
Businesses are investing in integratingsocial elements into their own websites
Neilsen | Community Engine Social Media Business Benchmarking Study 2011
33. Only 9% of businesses are optimising their content for mobile devices
Businesses are starting to realise the importance of rich media
Neilsen | Community Engine Social Media Business Benchmarking Study 2011
34. 5 Key takeaways

  • Your customers are active in social media, even if you arent.

35. Remember that people are primarily using social media for social purposes not to be marketed to. 36. Be mobile ready, your customers probably are. 37. Engagement is vital but you need volume to deliver better results. 38. Most Australian businesses are still finding their way too.