The B2B Story of Maersk – How to Engage with Customers Online

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Creating online engagement in B2B marketing still has many challenges. Focus and investing time in your online presence is key. During this spotONvision webinar which took place on June 5th, Maersk Line presented their amazing story. Shipping giant Maersk Line took up the engagement challenge and launched a Facebook page to establish more interaction with its B2B customers. With more than 248.000 likes on its Facebook page, Maersk Line built up huge online brand recognition via social media. Priceless. Especially when you realize that only one person within Maersk is responsible for this success in a part-time job. Do you want to learn how Maersk Line created this engagement success story? View this presentation of Jonathan Wichmann Communication Partner and Head of Social Media of Maerks Line. Any questions according to his presentation? Visit the blog page on our website (, to look if your question has been answered in the Q&A, or send us an email at


  • 1.De kracht van Story of MaerskThe B2B Marketing webinars Line:How to Engage with Customers OnlineTodays host: Jesica HeresPresenter: Jonathan Founder & #b2bnl

2. Questions during or after this webinar?GoToWebinar Chat or Ask aquestionTweet with #b2bnl tagTwitter: @spotonvision #b2bnl 2 3. Speed Skype Sessions Exclusively for you as our webinar participant A Skype date of 10 minutes with a B2Bmarketing expert from spotONvision On Thursday 7th of June from 10-12 AM andfrom 2-4 PM Send an email to: toreserve your spot Leave your Skype nameand tell us your preferable time(morning/afternoon)#b2bnl 4. POLL 1: Your knowledge aboutMaersk Line #b2bnl 5. 5 June 2012 / spotONvision webinar / By Jonathan Wichmann, Head of social media @ MaerskLineMaersk Linein social media 6. Who is Maersk Line? Worlds largest shipping company thecontainer shipping arm of the A.P. Moller Maersk Group 25,000 employees, 125 countries, 325 offices,600 container ships, 2,6 million containers A rich history From closed doors and secrecy to opennessand customer-centric6 7. Why social media? A closer relationship to Employer brandingcustomers Easy-to-use and flexible Product development tools for Brand awareness Communication, Customer loyaltyMarketing, HR andCustomer ServiceMain reason:Getting closer to our customers7A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 8. Our target groups Customers Shipping Employeesprofessionals, NGOs, shipPotential employeesping press etc.Management8A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 9. Our approach Explorative & lean Data-driven or intuition? Not an add-on, but closeto business Insourcing rather thanagency9 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 10. Global & local Defining the levels of engagement Local goes local on global A global team of local (and certified) social media managers10 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 11. How to go about it? A new center has formed:Google + Facebook A strategy in sequences From volume to high-levelinteraction11 red by spotONvision / #b2bnl 12. Quantity vs. quality12 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 13. Its communication, not marketing Share engaging content Take the time to interact Take care of your fans (be generous)13A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 14. Poll 2: Your preferred social media platform14 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 15. Facebook 16. Facebook is about volume and awareness Sharing news, photos, videos etc. 1 post per day Interaction with fans Use Facebook adverts16 17. The House Rules 1. English only 2. No questions about shipments 3. Nothing offensive 4. No job applications 5. Spamming not allowed17 18. Twitter 19. Sharing the news with the industry19A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 20. Poll 3: Do you know Instagram?20 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 21. Instagram 22. In our CEOs office24 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 23. Google+ 24. Can we just ignore it? Good, solid functionalities Press conference as Google+ Hangout More quality interactions26 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 25. LinkedIn 26. The Shipping Circle Discussions with shipping experts around the world Bringing in external intelligence Reports set to inspire management decisions28 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 27. The rest 28. From backbone to newcomers30 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 29. How to measure success? Enough is enough Value beyond the numbers31A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 30. Lessons learned tips and tricks Differentiate between the platforms Think visual Dont pre-plan Use data the right way Keep it simple, dont over-think it Find your tone-of-voice Monitor Engage the organisation Listen32 A webinar powered by spotONvision / #b2bnl 31. Any questions?Jessica HeresJonathan WichmannspotONvision Maersk Line#b2bnl 33 32. Would you like to know more?Speed Skype Sessions on 7th of June with a B2B expertof spotONvision.Send an email to info@spotonvision with your Skypename and preferred time (morning/afternoon). @spotONvision @b2bmktforum @MaerskLine LinkedIn groups: B2B Marketing Forum, en Passion for B2B Marketing#b2bnl34