The 5 Essential Online Tools Every Business Needs

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<ul><li> 1. The 5 Essential Online Tools Every Business Needs Whether you have a small business with only a few employees, or a growing business with increasing technological needs, having an online presence is more important than ever. But with the internet being around for so long, many things have evolved, while others are still as essential as they were ten or fifteen years ago. In addition to technology advances, the need to collect leads, turn them into customers, and continually engage them is more important than ever. Without the right approach your business will likely struggle to get consistent customers. Below are the 5 essential online tools to utilize in your business:Domain Names Having a quality domain name for your business is still very important in todays online landscape. Fortunately domain names are one of the least expensive online tools. Whether you dont have a domain name for your business, or if you are considering acquiring a new one for a new business project, its important to understand that domain names are never owned but leased. What this ultimately means is that once you are able to acquire a domain name that best fits your business, you have the control over that domain name until it expires. So its always recommended to register your domain for at least a couple of years or more, depending on what your long-term goals are with this new web property. Most domain registrars (the companies that secure the domain registration for you) also offer automatic renewal which will ensure you dont lose your domain in the future, which could be disastrous if youve built up a website and lose the rights to the domain, and suddenly your website is literally gone dont let that happen to your business! Recommended Domain Name Deals: Cheap Domain Names Dotster Coupon GoDaddy Promo CodesWeb Hosting Along with finding and securing a quality domain name, selecting a quality web hosting company is essential to your websites success (not to mention avoiding headaches with low-quality hosting providers). A quality web hosting service will have a high uptime (over 99.5%), fast servers so your website doesnt load slowly, quality web applications including website builder tools or WordPress, as well as very good customer service if you run into issues. You may think that finding a web host that has all of those important elements would be very costly, but fortunately due to competition among web hosting providers there is more quality technology and services for a very low cost. In fact depending on the size and online needs of your business, quality web hosting can </li></ul> <p> 2. cost as little as $5 per month and up to less than $50. Even on the high end the value your business can receive from a quality web hosting company is well worth the cost.Recommended Web Hosting Deals: Cheap Web Hosting 1&amp;1 Hosting Promo Code Bluehost Coupon Green Geeks Coupon Hostgator Promo Code Host Monster Coupon Host Papa Promo Code iPage Coupon IX Webhosting Coupon Just Host Coupon MyHosting Coupon Omni Web Hosting Coupon Coupon Webhosting Pad Coupon Recommended Website Builder Deals: Netfirms Promo Code Yola Promo CodeEmail Autoresponder Services One of the most powerful yet often underutilized online marketing tools for businesses is having an effective email marketing service. Often referred to as an email autoresponder, this type of 3rd party service allows you to setup automated messages that hook leads into becoming long-term customers. A series of follow up messages can be written once, and pay dividends for your business for years to come. An effective autoresponder email series should focus on adding valuable information to potential clients about the pain points that your business can help them resolve. This applies to all types of businesses, and theres plenty of helpful resources online about the best practices how to write and create email autoresponder email series campaigns. Another key feature of quality email services is the ability to create and send regular newsletters that look great, while engaging both prospects and customers. Quality email marketing services with newsletter builder features typically offer easy to implement templates that allow you to include company news, exclusive deals or coupons for your services. Furthermore, these newsletter templates often include a complete range of tools to help you engage with your prospects and customers. While email marketing may be unfamiliar and something your business hasnt considered before, its an essential tool for your business to connect with prospects and clients. In fact multiple studies have shown that effective email marketing can yield up to a 25x return on investment, and can be a huge source or growth and engagement with your audience. So dont be afraid 3. to take the leap and start using a quality email marketing provider today. Recommended Email Marketing Deals: Email Services Constant Contact Coupon iContact Coupon Code Vertical Response Promo CodeHigh-Speed Internet Services Chances are that you probably have some type of high-speed internet service for your business, but are you getting the most bang for your buck? With the rising needs of business working online, internet service providers have responded in recent years with faster, more reliable services. Whether you have two employees or hundreds, having a quality internet provider is key to your companys productivity. The good news is that quality business internet broadband services are available in most areas, and in many cases will offer you more speed and options than your current provider or service. New faster internet technologies are being introduced to the market regularly, and both the speed and consistency of internet services should continue to improve. The key term to know is abbreviated as Mbps which means Megabits per second. For example on a standard broadband speed of up to 15 Mbps would be 200 times faster than a 64 Kbps (kilo-bytes per second) modem. Dont underestimate the importance of quality high speed internet, as theres likely a better service, for the similar cost of your existing internet service, available in your area now. Recommended High-Speed Internet Deals: Cheap Internet Service ATT Internet Coupon Netzero Broadband Cloud Storage This category didnt exist a few years ago, yet its now an essential online tool for most businesses. But unfortunately many businesses dont know enough about cloud storage, or believe that their computer hard drive backup system is still the best way to backup files. The reality is that hardware will eventually fail, including hard drive storage devices. So if you are putting all of your faith in hardware storage devices that are destined to fail eventually and create a potential data catastrophe for your business, you need to get a cloud storage solution. If you are not familiar with cloud storage services, they allow businesses to setup automatic backup systems that upload and maintain your data in a secure, encrypted, 3rd party service. So in addition to the constant backup of files via the internet, cloud storage services backup the files on multiple servers, which is referred to as data redundancy. The data redundancy means that your files are uploaded to a main server of the cloud storage service, but is also backed up multiple times on different servers of theirs if something were to go wrong 4. with the original data backup source. Ultimately this means that your business files and data are protected for the long-term with this solution. While this technology has only been around for a few years, its now as important as any other online business tool. Recommended Cloud Storage Deals: Cloud Storage Promo Code Carbonite CouponHopefully you found this information helpful and now recognize which online tools you need to upgrade to maximize your business. The next step is to find the best deals on quality online services to make an impact on your business today. </p>