Technical Textiles Opportunities Workshop

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1. Technical Textiles Opportunities Workshop Technical Textiles Workshop 2. Stanley Russell APT Fabrics Ltd Constructive Networking How David can take on Goliath 3. Introduction What do I mean by constructive networking How will I make the company grow As a model I will use my present and past company as an example 4. A Small or Start up Company An idea A product Service to offer Customers or potential customers Specialised knowledge in house 5. A Small or Start up Company Agility Clarity of vision Quick reaction Competitiveness A personal touch( a face to the product) 6. What does a small company not have Manpower Sufficient Capital Expertise in areas outside own field Capacity for risk 7. How can the company grow Look for non competing companies who provide synergy Obtain technical help from Institutions or Universities Look for Government or grant assistance for trade shows/ marketing Look for complementary products that you could represent Contact trade magazines or Websites with news items on your company 8. Benefit to the Company Increased Product portfolio with minimum Capital expenditure Professional help Additional Sales people working on your behalf Increased market presence 9. How do I practice what I preach APT fabrics Ltd Advice in the form of Consultancy Supply of a range of specialised Coatings and laminates How Can I take on the Goliaths of this world? 10. APT At Start Up Concept Fabric Company Coating Company Laminating Company Core Range 11. APT Growing Products Core Outsourced Funding APT FABRICS LTDSpecialised Help Government University Testing House Technical Inst. Marketing Trade Magazine Trade Website Trade Show Social Media 12. APT Networking APT FABRICS LTD Products Funding Marketin g Specialised Help Customer 13. Benefits to Customer One stop shop Quicker solution to customers requirements Benefit of marrying the best technologies from different textile fields New Innovative systems Catalyst for change 14. ICS suit for Fire Fighting Apparel Developed between C-Teq Dupont and Packsome Clothing using our HSM system 15. Medi-Teq 90C washable Hi Vis garment developed In conjunction with NI Ambulance service, Polycoatings, Dyehouse and Testing house 16. New Lightweight Thermal Management Fabric System suitable for work wear, protective wear, outdoor & ski wear. Aclimatise Brand 17. Eco Air Fabric System Compliant to En20471 & En343 High temperature washable Fully Waterproof to Over 10m V.High Breathability Fully Recyclable In this case built in Heating system Eco Air fabric System 18. Value Chain Innovation Proposition Development Marketing & PR Production & Delivery Services & Support Trade Shows Trade Magazine Science Journal University Idea/Thought Funding Production labs University Testing Houses Suppliers Trade Magazine Shows Conference Papers Government Production Units Consultancy Technical Backup Testing Houses Promotions 19. APT Philosophy Its unwise to pay too much, but its unwise to pay too little. When you pay too little you sometimes lose everything, because the thing that you bought was incapable of doing the thing you bought it to do. John Ruskin (1819-1900) English Poet and Philosopher